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When Disney announced that it would gradually reopen its Florida parks in July this year, many infectologists and media sectors criticized the decision because of the pandemic. Today, more than three months later, health sector officials and park unions say the move has not triggered another outbreak of covid-19, proof that the security measures adopted by parks work. Despite this, Disney still faces a significant crisis, with a drastic decrease in the volume of visitors. In addition, California’s parks are still closed.

Despite the reopening in Florida, the volume of visitors is far from minimally satisfactory. California’s parks remain closed, which sparked a battle between Disney officials and Governor Gavin Newson, who does not relinquish the restriction. The group recently announced the dismissal of 28,000 employees.

The city of Orlando receives more than 70 million visitors annually. Most of them are Americans. In these pandemic times, many families are postponing their vacation to Orlando, not only because of fear of contagion in the parks, but also because of fear of contagion during flights.

Fortunately the number of new cases in Florida has been dropping daily, since Disney World gradually reopened its parks in July. At that time, there were approximately 12 thousand new cases daily, today it is close to 3 thousand. In the Orlando region, the drop in the number of cases was even more significant. The data show that the reopening of the parks, as it was conducted, was effective and did not contribute to a new outbreak. The data is used as a strong argument by the group’s leaders to try to convince the Californian government to back down in the decision to keep the parks closed.

Governor Gavin Newsom, however, claims that the parks are mini-cities, and cannot risk the appearance of a second wave. Infectologists warn that contagion may occur not only in parks, but on flights from other states to California, as more families will begin to visit the state after the decision to reopen.

The USA remains with a high contagion rate, with about 50 thousand new cases daily. Another aggravating factor is the arrival of autumn in the country, with colder days, which motivates people to stay indoors for longer.

The information above was taken from the O Globo article. To read the full article, click here .

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