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If you are an AirBnB host, you must read this post. In this article we bring you valuable tips for those who bought a vacation home in Orlando or a condo that allow airbnb in Miami and are making money through Airbnb.

The emergence of Airbnb, in addition to bringing a different approach and new solutions for travelers, has also given the season rental business an important appeal as a business, attracting the attention of investors worldwide. The platform brought efficiency and security to the practice of renting for short periods, revolutionizing the real estate market.

In this context, administrators have emerged who offer complete rental management to the client, who basically only receives the amounts in account, without having any work in managing the rental or maintenance of the property.

Just buy the property and hand it over to an administrator. All the work of creating the advertisement on Airbnb (and other platforms), attracting customers, bureaucracy of check-in and check-out, inspection of the property, maintenance of the property, cleaning, preparation of the property for the next customer and collection of values is done by the administrator. The landlord does not even need to speak to the tenant. You only receive the amounts in a designated account. Learn more about Airbnb rental administration and management services.

Valuable tips for Airbnb Hosts

Facing the new trend, we decided to create this article showing how to efficiently decorate a property for Airbnb.

The decoration for Airbnb is different from that used to sell the property. The strategies and objectives are different. The main objective of a decoration aimed at selling the property is to make it easier for the potential buyer to see and feel in the new home. In this way, decorations that are very polluted or that bring accessories from the current owner can hinder this perception. The ideal is to employ a more neutral decoration. In the article Home Staging: Home Staging: 7 benefits of having a home staged by a professional we explain in detail this trend in architecture and decoration in the real estate market

In the case of decoration for Airbnb, the main objective is to offer the traveler a new experience. Tourists want to experience the local culture and the experience of living in a different residence. Personal accessories from the owner and referring to the local culture are welcome. Of course, everything must be harmonized within a decoration project so that it does not become a “carnival” and facilitates this experience for the customer.

Airbnb decoration

In addition to bringing a touch of local culture, it is also important to stand out from the competition. There are several properties in the same city ​​competing for the same travelers.

Below we bring the main strategies for a successful decoration for Airbnb!


The first characteristic of a decoration of efficient property for Airbnb is functionality. Draw the project to bring convenience to the guest. The idea is to offer the comfort of a home with practicality of a hotel.

In this sense it is important that the property brings a good distribution in addition to accessories that facilitate the daily life such as: iron, hairdryer, washing and drying machine (mainly for guests who will stay for several days), lockers well divided, among other tips that we will comment on in the next topics.

Photos make a difference

Remember that your property will be viewed through photos on the online platform. They play a key role in dissemination. THE decoration for Airbnb should therefore also turn to the photos that will be taken. Later in this article we comment on the importance of adopting in the decoration strategies that facilitate the reference of the property, such as a wall or an eccentric accessory. Photos must capture these details and highlight them in the ad.

It is essential to hire a photo service professionals!


Do not spare investments in the comfort of the beds. Guests who sleep well tend to give the best compliments and recommendations on platform. Buy quality mattresses and bedding. Dress the bed with several layers of sheets and comforters. If possible, try to get the feeling of that the person is sleeping in a luxury hotel bed.

Airbnb tips for hosts

Prefer white linens and towels to facilitate washing with bleach.

Do not spare investments in the comfort of the beds. Guests who sleep well tend to give the best compliments and recommendations on platform. Buy quality mattresses and bedding. Dress the bed with several layers of sheets and comforters. If possible, try to get the feeling of that the person is sleeping in a luxury hotel bed.

Prefer white linens and towels to facilitate washing with bleach.

It is important the presence of dumb servants with luminaires so that the customer can support books, cell phones and other items. Gives Likewise, there must be a support for the bags in the room (it can be support accessory).

Soundproof windows and blackout curtains rooms are also welcome.

If your property has only one bedroom, prefer two single beds instead of a double bed. It is possible to join the double beds to transform it into a single. In this way, you will be able to serve different audience profiles.


Invest in good air conditioning, both for hot as well as cold periods. Consider that guests with children and people Older women are more vulnerable to cold-related illnesses. So a good air-coded and a good heater are important. & nbsp;


Bathrooms in Airbnb decor should be practical and comfortable. A shower with good pressure and a well sealed box so that the water does not get wet in the bathroom are essential. There is nothing worse than to take a shower worried if the water is leaking out of the stall and still have to wipe everything off later.

Abuse niches, shelves and hooks for hang clothes. Niches inside the box to support shampoos and soap are important. Large sink countertops facilitate the support of necessaires, creams and other objects.


One of the main reasons why people choosing a property on Airbnb on your travels is the possibility of cooking. Do not miss cutlery, corkscrews, spatulas, juicer, pasta drainer, blender, good knives, among others.

It is essential that the kitchen has a microwave. Travelers are practical and, even those who like to cook, use the microwave as an auxiliary tool. In addition, options today microwave-oriented supermarkets abound. Never forget your guests with children, who need to warm bottle milk at all times and not they would like to turn on the stove and dirty a pot just for that.

Plates and cutlery must be in number consistent with the total number of guests the property has.

Most of the time guests will be in vacation and want to enjoy a good wine or beer when they get home. So have good glasses of wine, corkscrew and glasses for beer.

Ah! Don’t forget a good coffee maker!

Room dinner

The table dinner should be large enough to accommodate the number of people attending host and be of resistant material.

At the time of photo for the Airbnb ad, prepare the table with a beautiful towel and impact accessories.

Room be

Invest in comfortable sofas and decorate them with beautiful cushions, to convey cosiness. A sofa bed can be a good idea, depending on the number of rooms. This way the living room can become an additional room to receive more people.

A decoration for AirBnB should be more cheerful

Remember that your customers will be on vacation and in a more cheerful mood. The decoration it needs to reflect this new mood. The use of colors, in this sense, is very important. Colors bring life to the environment and promote a more relaxed. Different colored niches or a colorful closet, plus giving a cheerful touch also facilitate the reference to the property on the platform “That apartment with yellow chairs” or “That house with niches colorful ”. It is, therefore, a form of prominence in the midst of competition.

Dare on decoration for Airbnb

Thinking of stand out and facilitate the reference, why not dare in any environment? There is examples of owners who hung a bicycle on one of the walls, others placed an eccentric wallpaper in one of the rooms. We comment above in the photo strategy for the ad. It is important that the photographer capture these bolder details as a way to highlight your ad amid so many other competitors.

Think on social networks – valuable tip for Airbnb hosts

And speaking in creating something eccentric and that makes reference easier, the rule also helps in dissemination on social networks. Your customers want reasons to take pictures and publish on the various profiles. Give them this reason and have your property disseminated free of charge by its guests on social networks.

TV and Wifi

Don’t even think in a property without wifi. Today we are all “connected”. The first thing a Airbnb client is looking for wifi in the property. A beautiful TV in the living room and, if possible, in the master bedroom, it is also essential.

A place for home office

With the pandemic, a home office space became crucial.

Most of the time, guests will be on vacation. However, business customers also use Airbnb services a lot. If the property has space, it is interesting to reserve a corner with a desk and drawers that serves as a work space.

Even clients on vacation also usually work. Gone are the days when professionals could allow themselves to completely disconnect from work during their vacation period.

A “work corner” (nothing too exaggerated) can be a standout among the competition.

Humanize the environments

We have already commented on the need to give personal touches to the decoration of Airbnb and also to local and cultural accessories, typical of the region. Another tip is to humanize the different environments. Airbnb customers want to experience living in a different home than a hotel room. Plants are welcome, as are books on the shelves, tablecloths, etc.

Pay attention to Airbnb host reviews

The decoration for Airbnb is something that will always be changing and following trends. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the feedback from your guests. Value each opinion and adapt your property, whenever possible, to the needs of your customers.

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