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If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, know that you can now sleep in The Wizards World of Champions Gate, a themed house in Orlando that is “causing” on Airbnb! It is not a hotel or accommodation in a theme park, but a vacation home transformed in a very creative way by the owner.

Harry Potter themed house at Champions Gate in Orlando
Image of Hogwarts Express (image: Pixabay) – The Harry Potter-themed house in Orlando features a replica of the train cabin in one of the rooms, which is a bed for the guest to sleep and be transported to the magic of being at King’s Cross station

The owner, in this way, built his own thematic “mini-enterprise” in Orlando, which turned into an extremely lucrative business. Through sophisticated decor, he brought the magic of the Harry Potter story to the vacation home, which can be rented via Airbnb and other online platforms. See the ad here

The Wizards World of Champions Gate offers 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, accommodating up to 14 guests. Amenities include large Home Theater, games room, private pool with spa and barbecue area, among others.

The Harry Potter vacation home is located in the prestigious Champions Gate condominium, one of the best in Orlando and just 19 km from Universal Studios, a park that offers an immense area dedicated to the Harry Potter saga.

Immersive Experience in the Harry Potter House

According to the announcement, the house “will provide guests with an immersive experience where reality transforms into fantasy and magic and blurs the lines between what you see and what you believe.”

Guests are already impacted as soon as they enter the residence, where the fireplace, next to the foyer, gives the first touch of magic.

The kitchen, right next to the foyer, was inspired by “The Great Hall”, the space where students gathered to have meals in the film. The space offers a long wooden table, inviting families and friends to a meal that could be a real feast.

The Great Hall in the movie Harry Potter
The Great Hall in the movie Harry Potter (image: Pixabay) – The themed house in Orlando features a long wooden table inspired by this environment in the kitchen

The entire lighting design of the residence was designed to distribute chandeliers and light fixtures that resemble flickering candles.

Harry Potter’s room is the only one on the first floor, under the stairs, like in the movie. The other rooms are on the second floor, with emphasis on the room that brings the Hogwarts Express cabin turned into a bed. In this way, the guest can sleep imagining being at King’s Cross station, being transported to the magical school.

As with other decorations already mentioned here on the Blog, this house also transformed the large garage into a games room.

The Home Theater is actually Ron Weasley’s parents’ “flying car”, surrounded by a spooky forbidden forest.

Video about the Harry Potter themed house in Orlando

About Champions Gate condominium in Orlando

The mega condominium Champions Gate can be easily confused with a mini-city and attracts international investors, including celebrities. Its very high standard houses with excellent distribution and spacious areas, allow great return with seasonal rentals.

The condominium is famous for its OASIS Club, the Club House of the condominium, which offers a great restaurant, beautiful swimming pools and a mini-water park with a slide, buoys, water toys for younger children and a lazy river.

There are beach volleyball courts, gym, yoga, pilates floor, games room, toy room with monitors, as well as private huts (paid separately) for those who want privacy. In addition to complete infrastructure in the condominium, the community is known for its incredible golf courses (among the best in the world).

Several artists and celebrities own homes at Champions Gate. Most bought with the aim of investing and earning income from seasonal rentals. Understand better about this lucrative business in the next topic.

Can I also have a house in Champions Gate and make a profitable business out of it?

Yes, in principle, anyone can buy a house in the Champions Gate condominium, either to spend seasons in Orlando and/or to obtain income from seasonal rentals.

Having a home in a vacation condo in Orlando, like the example of the Harry Potter house presented in this article, is an excellent deal. The expected return on rent is one of the most attractive in the world. You can even follow the lead of The Wizards World of Champions Gate and also run your own themed decor.

Themed decorations in vacation homes are a considerable differentiator and add value to the business.

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