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This highrise condominium building in Florida features undulating surfaces, designed to recall the adjacent ocean waves. Conceived by Arquitectonica, the 46-storey Regalia Miami reaches a total height of 488 feet (nearly 150 meters) containing 39 units — one per floor. Two penthouse residences are also included. Gym and fitness facilities are on level 44, with a sun deck topping out the tower above. The scheme is situated in sunny isles, a city located on a barrier island northeast of Miami.

Arquitetonica Regalia Miami

The 46-storey structure reaches a total height of 488 feet (nearly 150 meters) – Image by Ken Hayden

“A rectangular glass prism houses the functional requirements,’ explains Bernardo Fort-Brescia — founding partner of Arquitectonica. “Its transparent surfaces connect inside and outside, linking the occupants with the surrounding environment. Its orthogonal geometry creates elegant, serene, classical, zen-like spaces. Each floor is wrapped by a sensuously undulating terrace. The resulting walk-around veranda protects the glass surfaces from the sun, as in traditional Florida homes. It is this veranda that shapes the architecture.”

Undulate Verandas

Each floor contains a single luxury residence –
image by Ken Hayden

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