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Average Home Price in Orlando increased comparing to last year. The overall median home price Orlando sold in January, considering all types of homes for sale in Orlando, is $245,000. That represents a 7.9% jump from January 2019 median home price of $227,000. Comparing to December 2019, the average price dropped 1,6%, when the price was $249,000.

The median price for single-family homes that changed hands in January increased 6.9% over January 2019 and is now $265,000. The median price for condos increased 11.2% to $139,000.

Average Home Price in Orlando Florida

Average Home prices in Orlando and housing affordability

The Orlando housing affordability index for January is 140.36, up from 135.73% last month. (An affordability index of 99% means that buyers earning the state-reported median income are 1% short of the income necessary to purchase a median-priced home. Conversely, an affordability index that is over 100 means that median-income earners make more than is necessary to qualify for a median-priced home.)

The first-time homebuyers affordability index increased to 99.81% from 96.52% last month.

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