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Bay Harbor Islands is part of the county of Miami, in the state of Florida, and is a true paradise for anyone looking for a home in Miami or in this region.

Bay Harbor Islands consists of two islands originally called Broadview and Bay Harbor, and is currently identified as an island in the east and west. While most family homes are concentrated on the west island, most commercial properties are found on the east island, and both are located very close to each other, being separated only by the bridge that crosses the famous Kane Concourse Avenue.

Bay Harbor Islands
Photo: Miami and Beaches

Defined by Miami Herald as “the rare jewel of Miami”, it has several attractions that are ideal for those looking to live in Miami.

Below, you will be able to check out a little bit of everything it offers to residents and visitors in several ways, including what it would be like to live in Bay Harbor Islands, how to access health, education, culture, leisure, among other relevant aspects about these islands.

Live in Bay Harbour Island

In this area, there are some high end condominiums that are constantly on the rise. Some examples are: Bijou Bay Harbor, 101 Bay Harbor, Opus Bay Harbor and Sereno. If you are looking for Miami Luxury Real Estate, then Bay Harbour Islands is the neighborhood to search for.

Health and Education in Bay Harbour Island

Amazingly, Bay Harbor Drugs, in addition to being basically a pharmacy where you can find everything, is still a tourist spot in the city due to its historical character and its unique architecture, inspired by European pharmacies, where, in addition to of medicines and convenience products, you can still find many items of beauty and well-being.

Still in relation to health, it is worth mentioning that, in Bay Harbor Islands, you find two hospitals, which are islands covered by four emergency care units, including a specific unit for pets.

In relation to education, we can highlight the public school Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center, which receives, for 20 consecutive years, the concept of “A” school, which makes it one of the best in the entire Florida region , appearing in all the lists of the best educational spaces in the region.

In addition to this school that stands out internationally, there is also the system of access to books made available through the library card system, the “Library card”, which allows any resident to freely access various titles. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Next, you can get to know other cultural and tourist spots in the Bay Harbor Islands.

Leisure, culture and tourism in Bay Harbor Islands

Let’s start at leisure! Officer Scott A. Winters Park is an area that cannot be missed when it comes to everything you need to know about the Bay Harbor Islands.

It is the most popular park in the city, ideal for the entertainment of children and pets, with ample spaces for recreation for both, in addition to covered pavilions for adults to have fun at a picnic.

Another leisure spot worth mentioning in the Bay Harbor Islands is the Morris N. Broad Community Center, which, as its name implies, is a community living center, but with several cultural attractions throughout the year, attracting visitors and tourists in search of fun, with shows and actions in favor of the local community.

A curiosity relating Brazil to the Bay Harbor Islands is that it has, on its west side, a sculpture by the world famous Brazilian Romero Britto, entitled “Coração”, which is one of the most visited points by tourists during the year.

In addition to this, and also receiving a significant amount of tourists annually, but on the east side, there is another sculpture that deserves attention: it is the “Love” – ​​love – made by Robert Indiana, an important name in world pop art.

To eat well in Bay Harbor Islands

Among the diverse gastronomy options that stand out within the wide menu of the Bay Harbor Islands, some deserve to be highlighted precisely because they attract the attention of tourists and residents throughout the year. Are they:

Paon Eatery – a classic tapas bar, original food from Spain and very popular in Mexico, which promises to bring out all the Latin that is in you, offering, in addition to tapas, several options of dishes inspired by Spanish cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine in general.

The Palm – Among these restaurants in the Bay Harbor Islands, The Palm deserves to be highlighted due to its intimate space, which invites everyone who comes to enjoy their beautiful drinks or to eat the incredible lobsters served in different ways, all of which ideal for a night of relaxation for all those who have a home in or around Orlando.

Emilio’s Trattoria – being considered the third best restaurant in Bay Harbor Islands according to the opinion of Trip Advisor users, this is the ideal space for those seeking an intense contact with what Italian cuisine has to offer, placing on their table several pasta options, carpaccio, many types of sauces, among many other items that conquer the palate of those who pass by.

In addition to these restaurants, which are some of the most traditional in this region of Miami, there are also several gastronomy options, for lunch, dinner, breakfast, business meetings, happy hour, among many others that, only knowing for you to have the true dimension of the flavors that may be waiting for you.

To feel at home in Bay Harbor Islands

One of the points that stands out most in this small area to the northeast of Miami-Dade is its sense of community, which makes everyone feel at home from the moment they arrive and decide to live there.

Because it is a small community, it is very close, to the point that traders at Kane Concourse, one of the most important routes in the region, are proud to know their customers by name, having had their loyalty for years.

Finally, if you are looking for a house in Orlando or want to live in Miami, in the Bay Harbor Islands region, in this article you could learn about some of the fundamental aspects of what life is like there, going from the most basic aspects, such as health and education, even some restaurant tips that will win you over at first sight.

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