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In this article we have selected the best Adventure restaurants. Miami is a global hub that brings together cultural traits from around the world, offering the best in international cuisine. If you are thinking of buying a property in Miami, it is essential to recognize the main gastronomic options around you.

To help you discover the best gastronomy in the Aventura Miami neighborhood in Miami, we have prepared this article with the best restaurants in Aventura. We will go through some of the main points of each of them, presenting their most diverse dishes and options, some curiosities and several other information, from classic Italian food to fast food, so you can know very well what to expect before making your visit to the establishment.

Bourbon Steak Adventure

Bourbon Steak - One of the best restaurants in Aventura

More than a restaurant, an experience. As part of the Turnberry Isle Country Club, a traditional place for golfing and hosting several tourists in Miami, the Bourboun Steak is a real attraction in the city. It had its concept developed by the world-famous and award-winning chef Michael Mina, who holds, at least, the signature of 37 other important restaurants in the history of gastronomy in the United States, besides having become a celebrity and having written a book with the your best recipes. Learn more about the Bourbon Steak Miami restaurant in Aventura.

The Grill on the Alley: One of the best restaurants in Aventura

Grill on the Alley Restaurant - Aventura Mall - One of the best restaurants in Aventura

The Grill on the Alley restaurant is located at Shopping Aventura and also specializes in steaks and grilled meats, as well as seafood. The restaurant’s proposal is to offer exceptional cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere. Savor one of the most succulent and smoothest steaks in Florida with a good wine or beer. Ah! The side dishes are also excellent. Learn more about The Grill on the Alley Restaurant at Aventura Mall.

Corsair Kitchen & Bar

Restaurant in Aventura Corsair Kitchen & Bar

Corsair Kitchen & Bar Restaurant is located inside the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura. In addition to Corsair, the complex also offers another famous restaurant in the region, the Bourbon Steak, which specializes in meat. Corsair Kitchen & Bar is also open for breakfast and lunch, while Bourbon Steak serves dinner only. Learn more about Corsair Kitchen & Bar in Aventura.

Casa D’Angelo – Best restaurants in Aventura

Casa D'Angelo Restaurant in Aventura

Authentic Italian cuisine in Tuscan style in an atmosphere to feel at home: this is the promise of this restaurant that has Chef Angelo Elia in front of you, preparing real delights inspired by European traditions, both in its ingredients and in its preparation methods .

You can find all the main Italian dishes here, such as various types of pasta and raviolis, as well as meatballs, Italian sausage and the central ingredients of Tuscan cuisine. How about a loin of veal roasted with capers and watercress? The menu at the Casa D ”Angelo in Aventura restaurant also features seafood options, such as tuna crostini, octopus with shrimp and the delicious crab cake, among other dishes. Ah! The wine list is an attraction in itself. Learn more about Casa D’Angelo in Aventura.

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory Aventura - Best restaurants in Aventura

The Cheesecake Factory is already very popular with Brazilians visiting Miami. It is a large restaurant chain in the United States. The unit in Aventura has the convenience of being located in Shopping Aventura Mall. The wide menu with more than 250 different dishes won over the Brazilian public, from starters to desserts. Speaking of dessert, be sure to try the pie that gave the chain its name! There are several flavors of Cheesecake, one more delicious than the other. Learn more about the Cheesecake Factory in Aventura.

Five Guys Burger

Hamburgueria Five Guys, despite being classified as Fast-Food, uses only fresh ingredients and everything is made by hand, due to the passion that these “Five Guys” have for fast, but tasty food. The chain offers a unique and very popular cheeseburger in the United States. Even Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to one of the Five Guys units in Washington, while still in office (Imagine the scene!). On their menu, Five Guys has several options for hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches, including vegetarian options and a delicious fry. The Five Guys in Aventura is located inside the Shopping Aventura Mall. Learn more about Five Guys.

Houston’s Aventura

Houston's restaurant in Aventura

Hilton’s Aventura is part of the restaurant group called Hillstone Restaurant Group, which is present in 14 cities in the United States. Houston’s is a great restaurant option in Aventura. Just visiting the restaurant is already an attraction in itself due to the beautiful views that its huge windows provide of Maule Lake, especially at sunset time.

Like some of the main dishes, it is worth mentioning that they offer several options for dinner such as seafood, beef, pork and poultry. Some examples are: smoked salmon in the chef’s sauce, the grilled chicken with the leaf mix accompanied by honey vinaigrette with peanut sauce, the marinated fillet accompanied by mango, chopped peanuts and basil, inspired by Thai cuisine, or else , one of the specialties of the house, the pork ribs accompanied by french fries and Ding coleslaw. More about Houston’s Aventura

PF Chang’s Asian Restaurant in Aventura

PF Chang's Aventura

Looking for an Asian restaurant in Aventura? So be sure to get to know PF Chang’s. The restaurant, recently opened in the neighborhood, brings the best of traditional Asian food and is part of a chain with more than 200 units around the world. This delicious restaurant in Aventura follows the quality standard that gave rise to the brand, which is the combination of the names of its founders, Paul Fleming and Philip Chang. More about PF Chang’s Aventura

Ceviche 105 Aventura – Best Peruvian Restaurant in Aventura

Ceviche 105 Aventura

Ceviche 105 Aventura is an absolute classic peruvian restaurant in Aventura Miami, with a higher rating among all restaurants in the region. Also located inside Aventura Mall, Ceviche 105 has chef Juan Chipoco behind it. At Ceviche 105, you will find all the creativity of this chef who mixes Peruvian and Japanese food, without leaving aside the diverse ingredients of Latin American cuisine to offer exquisite and high quality dishes. Learn more about Ceviche 105 Aventura.

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