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A Biscayne Bay mansion tripled its value in two years. That is right. A mansion located in the Bay Point Neighborhood sold for nearly three times what it did back in 2019. Previously owned by Jose Gregorio Breindembach Ziegler, this 4,462 square foot mansion is a dream come true.

Located in 4151 Palm Lane, the Biscayne Bay mansion was sold to New York-based TP OPP SPV LLC for $13 million. In fact, the sale was conducted in an off-market deal that equated to about $2,913 per square foot. The home features a 33,977 square feet lot with 446 linear feet of water. Therefore, that adds to the value. This was a great property to acquire as it could be redeveloped into an extremely luxurious home.

In 2019, the property was last traded for $4.4 million. Furthermore, this property features four beds, four baths, and a pool. It was built in 1951.

The $13 million sales price is an indicator of how much home prices have skyrocketed in Bay Point. This is a gated island community that has been seeing a lot of demand lately.

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Biscayne Bay mansion sold for $13M

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