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The Brickell neighborhood in Miami is one of the most coveted in South Florida. Investors, new residents and even tourists looking for a second home, chose the community to buy a property and guarantee a piece of Florida in one of the most vibrant areas of the US. With an eye on this audience, local developers do not stop creating new Real Estate projects in Brickell, which currently has more than 10 projects in progress.

Brickell is about to receive thousands of units

Brickell is coveted by investors

The Brickell neighborhood is one of the most desired by investors, as the region offers a number of new developments aimed at short-term rentals (Airbnb). The expected return on rent is one of the highest in the world.

In times of crisis and risk aversion, investors around the world seek to dollarize part of their investments. At the same time, investing in real estate also brings additional security to the application. In this context, investing in real estate in Florida is today one of the best and safest investments in the world.

The Brickell area, together with Downtown, is now home to the most promising Airbnb real estate launches.

High demand for homes

Not only investors are keeping an eye on the Brickell neighborhood, but residents as well.

The neighborhood, which has always been seen as a commercial area and labeled the “Miami Financial District,” has traditionally not been a residential-friendly area. That’s changed!

Today the Brickell neighborhood is one of the most desirable for housing and for people who enjoy a classy lifestyle. It is a trendy region, with an “urban vibe” that is difficult to find in the world.

In the center of the neighborhood is one of the most modern and famous shopping centers in the USA, the Brickell City Center. The complex is a mixed-use development. In addition to designer stores, restaurants and a variety of entertainment options, the Brickell City Center is also home to luxury residential condominiums.

With the inventory shortages Florida faces today, homebuilders wasted no time in rushing new residential projects in the region.

According to official data, Florida is expected to welcome more than 800 new residents a day by 2026. Demand, which is still very strong for homes, is expected to soon migrate to apartments, as Florida’s home inventory is at one of the lowest levels. lowest in history.

Interested in Brickell Real Estate? See the main projects in progress

There are several projects underway in the Brickell area and some are still on paper awaiting approval or legal disputes with local associations. Some of these projects promise to deliver more than 1000 units. Altogether, it is estimated that more than 6,000 new units will enter the market, in the Brickell region, in the next 6 years.

The most talked about project today is the Major Residences venture, a branded venture of the Major Food Group network, developed in partnership with the developer JDS Development Group.

Major Residences will be one of the tallest towers in Miami, with 259 custom units. The condominium will offer 5-star services managed by Major Food Group. Units start at $1.6 million and go up to $11 million. Learn more about the Major Launch in Brickell.

To know all the projects in progress click here.

Major Residences Brickell

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