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Wanna know a different side of South Beach? Just go to The Broken Shaker Miami Bar and experience a distinct vibe of the city from a local point of view. You will also have the opportunity to taste some delicious award-winning cocktails.

The Broken Shaker South Beach is located inside Freehand Hostel, a typical vintage Art Deco building just a few blocks north of South Beach’s heart. Step in the hostel and walk through the lobby. The bar is in the backyard!


Broken Shaker Miami


The handcrafted cocktails offered at the bar are totally different from what you’ve seen and tasted so far. Imagine a mixture of syrups, garden herbs (grown in the bar yard) and other exotic ingredients from around the world. Broken Shaker’s experienced mixologists know the perfect waty to blend all that and come up with some amazing unique cocktails.


Freehand Miami Accommodations


Freehand Hostels have the philosophy of welcoming people from all over the world and give them the chance to explore the cities from a local point of view. And at Broken Shaker you can feel that philosophy in a tranquil and tropical environment.

Forget about the outside world

Don’t expect that loud sound disco party or dancing all night! Broken Shaker is just the opposite of the “madness” South Beach is recognized for. The ambiance of the bar is so cozy and homey that you might even forget what is going on outside! The pool lounge, tables under the trees, bistro lights, nice easy tunes from the DJ and even the ping pong table welcomes all guests to gather and talk in a very friendly laid back environment.

Watch the video bellow to have an idea of the cool atmosphere:


Broken Shaker: Best hotel bar in 2015

For the first time a Florida bar has won the annual Spirited Awards. Broken Shaker Miami won as the Best American Hotel Bar in 2015.

The Spirit Awards is an event created by the organizers of Tales of the Cocktail®, the famous cocktail festival. The event grades not just the best bars in United States, but also the best bartenders and cocktail writers. The ceremony is held in New Orleans every year.

The Broken Shaker Bar won the ninth annual Spiritual Awards (2015), among many strong names in the hole country.


Laid Back Environment


The Menu (Click to enlarge)


Broken Shaker Menu

Cocktails Menu


Broken Shaker Miami – Hours & Location

The Broken Shaker is open Monday – Friday from  6pm – 2am, and weekends from 1pm – 2am. We serve poolside lunch & cocktails (beer, wine, punch) Monday – Friday from 12pm – 5pm.


Thanksgiving: Closed for daytime service, open for evening service 6pm – 2am

Christmas Eve: 6pm – 2am

Christmas Day: 6pm – 12am

New Year’s Eve: 1pm – 3 am

New Year’s Day: 1pm – 2 am

For punch bowl reservations or party inquiries, please email

Please call us at 786.476.7011 for more information.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Can’t make it? Running late? Give us a shout and we’ll adjust your reservation accordingly.

Official Website:

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