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During the past year, the Sunshine State has seen a huge influx of new residents from out of state. However, right now the migration from California to Florida is increasing. In fact, many believe that this year there will be even more people from the Golden State who move to Florida. In 2019, the number of Californians getting Florida driver’s licenses was 18,103. The number slipped slightly in 2020 to 17,524. However, this does not mean that the number of people moving from California has slowed down. The fact that so many Californians are getting their Florida license indicates a growing number of them who are choosing to move to Florida.

In fact, in the first few months of this year, 8,174 Californians obtained their Florida driver’s license. At this pace, more than 24,000 people from California will move to Florida this year. For 2019, 2020 , and the beginning of this year, Miami-Dade has welcomed the most new residents from California. This could be because the Miami mayor recently put on a full-court press to get tech companies and investors interested in moving to Miami. In fact, many have, and many continue to relocate and expand.

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