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Welcome to Candytopia, where colossal candyfloss constructions meld with a tantalizing taffy twistedness. It is an amusement park built by sweets! Can you imagine how happy your kids are gonna be? Of course, many of the sculptures and toys imitate sweets and it is not allowed to eat sweets at will.

The Thinker at Candytopia Miami
The Thinker at Candytopia Miami

If you’ve ever dreamed of nibbling your way through Candyland or scoring a Golden Ticket, you’ve chosen the right place. Bring your family, your friends, and your sweet tooth for an experience like none other! It is certainly one of the best things to do with kids in Miami. Watch the video below, selected from youtube:

Explore the sprawling sanctuary of confectionery bliss and be transported to an imaginative wonderland with a one-of-a-kind full sensory experience. This interactive art installation celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of your favorite sugarcoated delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow pool (marshmallows are made of rigid foam, they are not edible).

Dragoon made of candy
Famous paintings at Candytopia Miami  - Aventura Mall
Famous paintings

For photo and selfie lovers

Before visiting Candytopia at Shopping Aventura, download the Sugar Rush app on your phone. Each attraction at Candytopia has a QR code. When scanning it, a special camera on site is triggered. Choose one of the effects and filters on the touch screen of the attraction and that’s it! Do a pose and the photo is taken and sent to your email. In addition, everything in Candytopia was made to make photos easier to share on Instagram and other social networks!

Candytopia Miami

Confetti room at Candytopia Mami

In this Candytopia room you will remember the Brazilian Carnival! Here you can be covered with thousands of confetti fired from a cannon from the ceiling. It is so much confetti that they will get inside your clothes, get stuck in your hair, nose, etc.! You will love! The children then …

Marshmallow pool at Candytopia Miami

The last attraction of the tour and the most awaited of all is the Marshmallow pool! As well? Are we all going to stick to the white cream? Calm! Marshmallows are not real. They are made of non-stick foam. There are almost 300 thousand pieces of marshmallow. The feeling inside the pool is incredible. The pool also has some “cannons” that spray the foam, imitating a cascade of marshmallows.

Marshmallow Pool
Marshmallow Pool – Photo:


  • Adults: $28
  • Ages 4-12: $20
  • Ages 0-3:  Free!  (No ticket necessary)

For the time being all tickets must be purchased in advance on Candytopia’s website to allow them to monitor attendance volumes. No door sales will be available.

Click here to purchase tickets


Please check the calendar during the booking checkout for available tickets. Tickets sell out fast and if your date and time is not showing it is sold out.

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday: 12noon to 7:00PM
  • Thursday: 12noon to 7:00PM
  • Friday: 12noon to 7:00PM
  • Saturday: 12noon to 7:00PM
  • Sunday: 12noon to 7:00PM 

Please note that last entrance for all events is strictly 7.00pm. No entry will be permitted after this time.

Candytopi Location

Address: Aventura Mall, Level 3, Treats Food Hall (19501 Biscayne Boulevard Spc 2976, Miami, FL 33180)

Candytopia is located on the third level of the new wing at Aventura Mall, inside of the Treats Food Hall. The nearest parking can be accessed via the parking garage adjoining the new wing or valet is available at the porte cochere in the new wing – both are located next to the Aventura Slide Tower and Apple.

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