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Celebration is not well a city, is a very charming community designed under the influence of Walt Disney ideals. The community is still indirectly controlled by the Disney Company. Super planned, it offers an enviable quality of life. All it is very well thought out and taken care of, from the landscaping to the style of the residences. It even looks like a cinematic setting. The rules for residents are also rigid. You can’t, for example, neglect the grass or make a lot of noise, among other things. Many celebrities have houses there. How did the community come about?

Visiting Celebration and enjoying all the restaurants, bars, the shops is a great thing to do in Orlando Florida besides shopping and theme parks

Celebration Orlando

Walt Disney had a dream of designing a futuristic model city. The original project started with EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), that is, a city tomorrow’s super planned. This idea came up in the last years of Walt’s life Disney. When he died the project even followed some of his ideals, however not exactly as I imagined. Today EPCOT is a theme park and the Celebration community is also a consequence of this dream of the founder of Disney.

Celebration today it is closer to a large luxury condominium, with a shopping center.

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