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Ceviche 105 Aventura is an absolute classic restaurant in Aventura Miami, with a higher rating among all restaurants in the region according to Trip Advisor and in addition to the best restaurant, it still holds the award for best seafood meal on the same website and several nominations for other websites, magazines and newspapers, such as The New York Times.

ceviche 105 Aventura Mall

It is not for less: the name behind this brand or the world-renowned chef Juan Chipoco, who is a professional respected by all due to his incredible work in front of several other restaurants, also being the owner of Cvi .che 105 and that, due to its history of overcoming life, having left Lima (Peru), it inspired other Latin American chefs and professionals in their careers.

At Cvi.che 105, you will find all the creativity of this chef who mixes Peruvian and Japanese food, without leaving aside the diverse ingredients of Latin American cuisine to offer exquisite and high quality dishes.

Ceviche 105 Aventura, located inside Aventura Mall, has already been decorated, for nine consecutive times, as the best Peruvian restaurant in the region and, certainly, provides a gastronomic and cultural encounter with the best in Peru and Latin America, in a general form.

In the restaurant environment, you can find several references to the Peruvian culture, from decorative items to a written card, & amp; nbsp; in large part, with the name of the dishes in Spanish.

Ceviche Peruvian Restaurant Aventura Mall Miami

The logic that is the best of Peruvian and Latin cuisine is also in this adventure restaurant: ceviche! But here, at Cvi.Che 105, that traditional Peruvian dish, which is based on marinated raw fish, or has a touch of creativity and refinement, as more diverse ingredients and types of sauces are selected, or what really won or public American and was the item that started to make the restaurant fame.

Expanding your card, which is divided into eight parameters, it is worth saying that appetizers for dessert, it offers everything or what you need with great flavor, quality and several options for visitors.

Some examples are: the Andean sauce, which is a house sauce specially prepared to accompany the most diverse types of dishes; several recipe options with potatoes, prawns, crabs, octopuses, ceviche, turaditos, even several types of Japanese foods, such as sushi rolls, nigiri and sashimi, and much more mixing the two cultures, all of which can be washed down with a good dose of peppers or specific sauces that are only found there.

Location – Ceviche 105 Aventura

Address: 19565 Biscayne Boulevard, #954

Phone: 786 534 8651


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