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Very nice article from It selected fine destinations in the US that ranges from Denver to Miami, with flight rates under $ 300.

The article also gives very good orientation regarding coronavirus and some precautions you should take while traveling: “Let’s just take a quick moment before we dig in to address the coronavirus, or COVID19, which is reaching near-pandemic levels. We understand it’s a tricky time for travel, but unless you’re elderly or have a chronic condition that significantly lowers your immunity, you should still be totally fine to travel as long as it isn’t to China, Iran, Italy or South Korea (the CDC is recommending to stay away). Just use your common sense, OK? Exercise precaution while you’re in transit, making sure to always carry hand sanitizer and avoiding anyone who looks as if they may be sick.”

In Miami InsideHook recommends to visit Little Havana, The Wynwood Walls, Coral Gables and other fine attractions.

Roundtrip: As low as $197 on American
Briefly: A different sort of clubbing scene, Miami has recently built up just as much of a reputation for its art offerings as it has for its bottle service. Pair your trip with a good cigar and a cubano sandwich and call it a day. 
Stay At: Nobody has been able to shut up about the Four Seasons Surf Club for good reason, or try to snag at a room closer to the action at Soho Beach House. 
Stop By: Art lovers will want to stroll by the Wynwood Walls, an impressive collection of street art in a hip neighborhood. Little Havana is perfect for a relaxed afternoon of picking up a few cigars and watching the locals play games in the iconic Domino Park. Window shopping for homes and actual shopping for clothes is the name of the game in luxe Coral Gables. 

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Cuban tradition at Domino Park in Little Havana
Cuban tradition at Domino Park in Little Havana
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