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For those looking for different itineraries, besides theme parks in Orlando, Cocoa Beach is undoubtedly the perfect destination to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach, play sports, like surfing and have fun in the varied attractions that the place offers.

Cocoa Beach is one of the main cities in Florida, located in Brevard County, less than 100 km from Orlando (about 1 hour trip), so if you are staying at Disney, it is possible to do a “round trip” ” on the same day.

Cocoa Beach in Florida - Things to do and attractions

The place attracts many young people and surfers, so the city resembles California’s famous and famous beaches. Cocoa Beach is the birthplace of surfer Kelly Slater who was 11 times world champion.

Learn more about Cocoa Beach’s best attractions.

Cocoa Beach

Even though it is very popular with surfers, the main beach named after the city is also ideal for bathers, as in some places the sea is calmer with smaller waves, allowing visitors to enjoy the sea, sun and exuberant view of this beautiful beach.

With an excellent infrastructure, Cocoa Beach is an extensive beach that attracts local visitors and tourists. In some sections the sea is rough and the waves are higher, so it is recommended especially for surfers.

If you are in Cocoa Beach, be sure to spend at least one sunny day on this pleasant beach.

Cocoa Beach Pier

200 m long, the city’s pier is known worldwide for its attractions. The place is perfect for recording beautiful images of the trip through Cocoa Beach, especially during sunset.

Cocoa Beach Pier

This pier is colorful and very trendy, in it visitors find an area for fishing, coffee shops, bars and souvenir shops by the sea, where souvenirs and souvenirs of the trip are sold, such as key chains, magnets, t-shirts, mugs and more, besides from the famous Cocoa Beach Pier restaurant.

The pier offers plenty of entertainment, with live music and a spectacular view of the sea that appeals to tourists who pass by.

Click here for more attractions you can find at Cocoa Beach Pier.

Lori Wilson Park

Lori Wilson Park is one of the main native forest parks in Cocoa Beach. It also has coastal dunes by the sea and is located in the heart of the city.

Open daily to the public, this park is very pleasant and inviting for hiking, hiking or just enjoying nature on the way to the beach.

In addition to having excellent access to Cocoa Beach, Lori Wilson Park has great infrastructure with bathrooms, outdoor showers, free parking, playground, volleyball nets, picnic and barbecue spaces, as well as specific areas for dogs (Dog Park) that guarantee fun for the whole family.

Click here to learn more about Lori Wilson Park.

Alan Shepard Park

Another park that you can’t miss in Cocoa Beach is Alan Shepard Park, which also has access to the beach and great infrastructure with a playground, fishing space, showers, bathrooms and picnic area that guarantee lots of leisure and pleasant moments with the family. and friends.

The park is well located, at the eastern end of State Road 520, close to the city’s shopping district.

See more information about Alan Shepard Park by clicking here.

Thousand Islands Conservation Area Cocoa Beach

The Thousand Islands is a beautiful area of ​​environmental preservation in Cocoa Beach, formed by beautiful islands in the Indian River Lagoon region.

Thousand Islands Conservation Area Cocoa Beach

For those who like adventure in the midst of wild nature, the place is perfect, as to arrive, the visitor needs to take a boat and then can make trails to better explore the region. In the Thousand Islands, there are several species of alligators, storks, manatees, as well as rare tropical plants that are threatened with extinction.

See more information about the Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands

Florida Surf Museum

Another must-see tour on Cocoa Beach is the visit to the incredible Florida Surf Museum. The site preserves and documents Florida’s surfing history and culture.

Florida Surf Museum

Located on North Atlantic Avenue, the visitor can see up close magazines, photos, trophies, boards and other objects that were part of the history of surfing in Cocoa Beach and other cities in Florida. The space also offers an exclusive program of events and unmissable exhibitions.

Find out more about the museum’s program on its official website:

Ron Jon Surf Shop

In front of the Florida Surf Museum is located the largest surf shop in the world, the Ron Jon Surf Shop, which offers a unique and differentiated experience that transports the visitor to the world of surfing and is worth to be known.

In it tourists find all the necessary accessories for the practice of surfing such as surfboards, clothes, in addition to surfer fashion with shoes, backpacks, watches, sunglasses and much more, from the most renowned brands in the market such as Quicksilver, Billabong, among others.

See the website:

Escape Cocoa Beach

In Cocoa Beach the visitor finds a lot of fun, adventures and has activities for all ages.

A great option to gather family and friends is Escape Cocoa Beach. In it teams meet to overcome challenges and achieve the goals of the game before time runs out. It is a great program to take the kids.

See information and prices ​​on the official website.

Dinosaur Store

The Dinosaur Store is much more than a store, it fascinates children and adults, bringing experiences and exhibits of perfect replicas of dinosaurs, store and much more.

The space is divided into three large areas: Dinosaur Adventure – a fully interactive and educational area, where animals’ replicas are closely known, transporting the visitor to the time of the dinosaurs. This incredible location is also available for parties and events.

The Dinosaur Store sells replicas of dinosaurs, books and educational toys, T-shirts and many other interesting objects.

The Museum of Dinosaurs and Ancient Cultures tells the story, from the emergence to the extinction of these curious and huge animals that are especially pleasing to children.

Check on the site the attractions you find in the Dinosaur Store:

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