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The city of Miami reveals a different neighborhood every year. The city’s great transformation has earned it the nickname “The Magic City”, in reference to its rapid growth and continuous transformations. Neighborhoods and areas of the city that used to have little prominence on the map now offer some of the most expensive square meters in the USA. Another neighborhood in Miami has been gaining prominence and we will comment on it in this article! Do you know Coconut Grove?

The neighborhood, popularly known as “The Grove” (O Bosque) is the oldest neighborhood in Miami and recently completed 150 years. It is the newest neighborhood in Miami to emerge in the city. Its appeal is, however, very different from the trendy South Beach lifestyle or the “trendy” style of Wynwood. Coconut Grove, as the name suggests, brings a lot of palm trees and nature, in a bucolic and elegant environment.

Coconut Grove: The neighborhood of the moment in Miami
Image: Google Street View

The region, which has already housed Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Christian Slater, among other celebrities, has been undergoing continuous transformations and received millionaire investments, attracting new chains of restaurants, stores, offices, among other establishments and improvements that make it today one of the most popular destinations in the south region of the city. It is worth mentioning that two of its restaurants (Ariete and Los Félix) received ratings of one Michelin star each.

Things to do in Coconut Grove

Far from the big centers and agglomerations, the neighborhood offers some of the best schools in Miami, several marinas, great restaurants and shops. The most popular outing in the neighborhood is to visit the Cocowalk open-air mall.

Another mandatory tour is the visit to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Where is Coconut Grove in Miami?

Coconut Grove is south of Bricell and east of Coral Gabes. It is, therefore, a neighborhood closer to downtown Miami. At the same time that it is close to the excitement of South Beach and the urban “vibe” of Brickell and Downtown, it also has a more bucolic and residential atmosphere.

The neighborhood is bordered by North Prospect Drive to the south, LeJeune Road to the west, South Dixie Highway and Rickenbacker Causeway to the north, and Biscayne Bay to the east.

See below the map of Coconut Grove on Google Maps:

Stroll the streets of Coconut Grove

Use your mouse and virtually walk through the streets of Coconut Grove in the image below:

A bit of Coconut Grove history…

Coconut Grove’s history begins in the 1800s. At that time, wealthy businessmen from northern states sought refuge from the winter in Florida’s balmy climate. Coconut Grove, a region with exuberant nature and a tropical climate, was one of the destinations that most attracted them.

What is now known as Coconut Grove was formed in 1925 when the City of Miami annexed two areas of approximately equal size, the City of Coconut Grove and most of the City of Silver Bluff.

It is this rich history and unique spirit of the Bahamas even today that recently ranked the neighborhood as the 29th coolest neighborhood in the world, according to Time Out.

“Boom” during the pandemic

As a more residential and exclusive area, Coconut Grove, like many areas of Florida, has experienced a veritable invasion of new residents, mainly from the northern states of the USA. House prices in the neighborhood rose significantly, reaching an average price of US$ 2 million.

It is worth mentioning that the community is small, with very few residential homes for sale (less than 150), and a small minority (less than 25%) are priced below US$ 1 million.

The neighborhood underwent a “renaissance”, with the opening of several new hotels and restaurants.

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