A residence is no longer a place to simply “eat, shower and sleep” before venturing into a bustling world for school, work and social events, said Mr. Gillen, who owns development firm UnvarnishedCo based in Malibu, California. As the deadly virus outbreak has confined Americans inside, homes— be they houses or condos—are now returning to what they meant to be when Mr. Gillen, 60, was growing up, he said. Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Developers to Rethink the Future of Homes.

oronavirus Pandemic Prompts Developers to Rethink the Future of Homes

In a post-pandemic world, though, the nature of amenities would likely change as well. “Amenity spaces will be fundamentally altered, encouraging more elbow room,” said Dan Kodsi, developer of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter.

Gyms, for example, would spread out and bundle together disparate types of equipment—as opposed to the current approach of clustering the same machines nearby—for semi-private workout sessions.

Some amenity areas, such as exclusive clubs, could take to balconies, where patrons would be able to physically distance with less fear of infection in the open air. Private parks, where residents can escape the confines of their homes, may also become a sought-after perk of new developments.

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