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The Corsair Kitchen & Bar is located inside the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura. In addition to Corsair, the complex also offers another famous restaurant in the region, the Bourbon Steak , specializing in meats.

Enter these Aventura restaurants in Miami, without a doubt, this is what most promises elegance and sophistication in your environment. The chef of this restaurant is also noteworthy due to the numerous awards and worldwide recognition he has already won: the Irishman Gordon Maybury, who has thirty years of experience. He, who arrived in the United States very young, grew and conquered his space in the world of gastronomy until he became the main chef of Corsair Kitchen & Bar and prepare, in addition to unforgettable dishes, some of the drinks that win everyone who passes by.

Corsair Kitchen & Bar – Hours

The Corsair Kitchen & amp; Bar is also open for breakfast and lunch, while Bourbon Steak serves dinner only.

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Photos of the restaurant and dishes

Corsair Kitchen & Bar restaurant
Corsair restaurant aventura
Corsair menu
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