Aventura Mall Miami drew attention in the United States press and social media, due to its new store with a controversial name. The Store Covid-19 Essentials was opened after quarantine in the Aventura, using the pandemic as a pretext to market, as its name implies, essential items to face the consequences of the new coronavirus.

Miami malls have reopened with some measures of social distance, such as mandatory use of masks and reduced capacity in stores. Whoever enters Covid-19 Essentials, at Aventura Mall, has their temperature measured.

Read More at: https://noticias.uol.com.br/internacional/ultimas-noticias/2020/06/15/loja-vende-itens-para-enfrentar-a-pandemia-em-miami-covid-19-essentials.htm

Covid-19 Essentials: new store at Aventura Mall sells pandemic essential items
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