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Can’t you go to the beach? Then the beach comes to you! Discover the Crystal Lagoons mega artificial lagoons to be built in the Orlando area!

Did you know that Orlando also has a beach? In fact, they are not located in the city of Orlando or nearby, even because Mickey Land is not a coastal city and is located in central Florida. However, it is perfectly possible to stay in Orlando and spend the day at the beach. That’s because some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida are only one hour drive from Orlando. In the article Beaches near Orlando for you to rest from the parks, we list some of the coastal cities in Florida where it is possible to take a day trip and rest from the parks marathon. In this post, however, we will not talk about the beaches on the east or west coast of Florida, but the beaches that Florida will receive in the central region! Keep reading to understand.

Lagoons: The new "waterfront" High-End
Source: Crystal Lagoons website

“Beaches” in Central Florida: Discover the Crystal Lagoons

When mentioning beaches in central areas of the continent you might imagine that I am referring to beaches on lakes or rivers! Florida is indeed a lake-rich state. The Butler Chain of Lakes is one of the most beautiful regions, rich in nature and tropicalism. It is there that the small community of Windermere, also known as “THe City Among Lakes” is located.

However, I’m not referring here to the natural lakes of Florida, but to immense artificial lagoons called Crystal Lagoons!

The Crystal Lagoons concept and technology, patented around the world, allows the construction of mega artificial lagoons with white sand beaches, similar to the pristine beaches of the Caribbean. The company has projects all over the world, with 221 ponds already built in the United States alone. Even the Disney Group recently announced that it will include a Crystal Lagoon in its first planned residential neighborhood in California.

Crystal Lagoons ponds can be made in many different sizes. As an example, the project in Dubai has 100 acres. In the United States, the largest pond built by the company is 14 acres, in Jacksonsville.

See in the video below how the technology of artificial lakes works.

The beach comes to you!

Crystal Lagoons’ artificial lagoons have transformed the world real estate paradigm, making it possible to create premium values ​​for projects through artificial lagoons, beaches with crystal clear water and excellent quality, in previously unimaginable places.

The concept takes the beach close to your home, anywhere in the world!

5 mega artificial ponds are expected for the Orlando area, to be built starting in 2023. Engineers and development teams intend to build in Orange County, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Sumter counties.

Orlando’s new “beaches” would be open to the public, but with an admission fee. The idea is to build them adjacent to other projects that already generate traffic from residents and/or tourists, such as hotels and large residential complexes.

“The Orlando region is already the richest in number and quality of attractions in Florida, but it does not have beaches, which motivates many buyers to opt for coastal cities, such as Miami Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton”, comments Carlos Barros, partner at CAP Real Estate Abroad. “Although Orlando is close to coastal cities like Daytona and Clearwater, Crystal Lagoons’ artificial lagoons would bring a premium benefit to tourists and residents alike,” he adds. “This is yet another reason to invest in central Florida,” suggests Barros.

Respect for the environment

Fewer chemicals to keep water clean – 100 times less than the amount used in traditional pool and drinking water cleaning systems. The filter system consumes 50 times less energy than traditional filters. In addition, the technology does not require water consumption, other than compensation by natural evaporation, which in some regions is not necessary due to rains and the lagoon can capture rainwater. The ponds are controlled by the company’s operational center, remotely, which receives the data

Want to own a Florida vacation home near a Crystal Lagoon?

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