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Private-label mortgages had almost disappeared following the financial crisis. However, the demand for these private mortgages is now on the rise. These type of mortgages are ones that are bought and sold without the backing of the government.

During the last quarter, more than $42 billion were issued in private-label mortgages. This was the most since the pandemic started. In addition, it was one of the biggest quarters since the 2008 financial crisis. Though the demand is rising, these types of mortgages only make up about 4% of all mortgage bonds. Right now, the biggest players in the mortgage market are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Those loans pretty much guarantee that investors will get paid.

The difference between the popular mortgages and private ones? Private-label mortgages are able to issue loans that the other game players won’t usually consider. For example, investment properties, and loans for self-employed borrowers. The market is going to continue to grow, as companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley jump into the market.

Private loans have a reputation of offering higher yields than government lenders. This is because they do not come with a guarantee that investors will get paid.

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private mortgage loans are on the rise

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