With the pandemic, the preference for single-family homes in South Florida increased. People prefer to buy houses with a large outdoor area, and avoid taking elevators and exposing themselves to certain common areas of the buildings. In the article The future of the post-COVID-19 residential environment, we commented on the impacts of the pandemic on people’s habits and lifestyles. However, for many luxury buyers, Miami condos are still the most in demand, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Despite increased demand for single-family homes, luxury condos in Miami continue to sell

According to the report, the new luxury condo in Downtown, One Thousand Museum, has sold about $ 75 million in the past 90 days. Sport stars David Beckham and Paul Pogba helped to grow these numbers. Both bought units in the condo.

On the elegant island of Sunny Isles Beach, the luxury Armani / Casa has signed 2 contracts totaling almost $ 6 million since the quarantine began. Sunny Isles is known for housing some of the most luxurious oceanfront condos in the world, including the famous Porsche Design Tower. The Porsche tower has revolutionized the Miami real estate industry by offering its residents a car lift that allows them to park their car inside the apartment. Innovation is being of great use during pandemic times, as it prevents residents from crowding in the lobby or in the elevators.

Porsche Design Tower car Elevator
The “Dezervator”: A car elevator that allows residents of luxury condo Porsche Tower to park their fancy cars inside the apartment

And speaking of Porsche, another luxury condo in downtown Miami that also carries a car brand, Aston Martin Residences, sold 4 units totaling $ 8.75 million. Brickell Flatiron has closed $ 31.62 million since March.

Apparently, while some are looking for homes to have more freedom, privacy and protection against possible new pandemics, others still prioritize the urban lifestyle in buildings well located in trendy Miami. In addition, building condos in Miami are like mini-clubs, with incredible infrastructure and amenities.

Construction companies are taking into account the impacts of the pandemic on people’s lifestyles. Proximity to parks and other outdoor entertainment spaces values ​​new properties. Residents are also preferring buildings with limited units, combining low density with ample space. These are the new boutique buildings.

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