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45. Gil Dezer was born and raised in the Northeast, Dezer remembers learning all about real estate at the dinner table from his father, Michael, a real estate investor. Michael was also the visionary who set up the company for long-term success by purchasing numerous acres of oceanfront property in Sunny Isles Beach back in the 80s.

Dezer learned early in his career that aligning himself with a prominent brand was crucial. His first foray into branded residences was with the Trump brand. That tremendous success opened doors for other brands, like Porsche and Armani. The Residences by Armani/Casa is the fashion house’s first U.S. property, and it’s delivering a variety of unique amenities like an unrivaled spa, movie theater complete with plush Armani lounge chairs and a private restaurant.

Just walking into the Porsche Design Tower or Residences by Armani/Casa you can see the level of dedication and foresight Dezer brings to a property so we can only image what’s up his sleeve for his next development.

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Developer Gil Dezer is elevating Miami’s real estate market one luxury project at a time
Photo: Miami Herald – TAMZ PHOTOGRAPHY.
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