Have you ever imagined experiencing the experience of parachuting without the risk of free fall? In Orlando, at iFLY Indoor Sydiving you can participate in a parachute simulator.

IFly is basically a wind tunnel that simulates parachuting. Everything is very well organized and there is a little training before the fun. In the training room everyone receives the equipment they will use in the jump: overalls, helmet, goggles and ear protectors. In training, customers also receive explanations about the positions to be adopted on the flight and how to maintain balance in the air.

The toy is super fun and suitable for children and adults. The most experienced can perform real acrobatics. It is really a simulator very close to the reality of free falling from an airplane. See in the video at the end of this post what it’s like to skydive at iFly Skydiving in Orlando.

Parachuting at iFly Orlando is a great hint of fun beyond the parks in Orlando.

There are several packages and prices. Click here to find out more.

Video about iFly Skydiving in Orlando

Below is a video we selected from Youtube about this amazing attraction in Orlando:

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