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Two neighborhoods in Orlando are the most sought after in the US for real estate purchases. They are Kissimmee and Winter Garden. The news was reported by the Orlando Business Journal. In this article we explain a little about these two neighborhoods and the main reasons why these areas are the most desired by investors.

Discover the two neighborhoods in Orlando most desired by American buyers

In search of style and quality of life

According to a recently released report, one third of the American population is considering moving to a place where they can enjoy a better quality of life and lifestyle. The idea is to live in cities close to large centers, allowing what Americans call “commute”, that is, making short trips from the address of residence to other points of interest, whether work, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. At the same time, they are looking for small towns that also have their own convenience center.

In recent years, the readjustment of the corporate world has allowed people to work from home and the trend continues. Some companies have consolidated remote work and others have opted for hybrid models. With this, many Americans gained the freedom to choose where to live, regardless of the address where the company is located.

The state of Florida, in this new context, was one of the most sought after. The so-called “Sunshine State”, as the name already suggests, offers a pleasant climate all year round and lots of nature, with greater possibilities for outdoor activities, in addition to being a region in the USA known for being more cheerful and receptive.

Another great advantage of Florida is that there is no state income tax (State Income Tax), a big differential in relation to states like New York and California, perceived as “expensive” states and not very business friendly.

In 2021 Florida received more than 1000 new residents per day. This flow has slightly decreased in 2022, but remains still high in a clear sign that the trend will continue. A recent report released by the Florida Apartment Association (FAA) projects that Florida will receive 3.2 million new residents by 2030.

Several regions were flooded with residents from other US states. Two neighborhoods in the so-called Greater Orlando region emerged: Kissimee and Winter Garden.

Kissimmee zip code 34747 is the eighth most popular US zip code among homebuyers, while Winter Garden zip code 34787 is the 14th most popular.

Kissimmee – the “neighborhood” of Disney

The city of Kissimmee, already well known to Brazilians, is sometimes mistaken for an Orlando neighborhood. It is actually a town in Osceola County, Florida. Because it is practically glued to Orlando, it looks more like a neighborhood than a neighboring city. It is part of the so-called Greater Orlando (Metropolitan Region of Orlando) and is one of the most sought after regions for vacation rentals by Brazilians, as it is very close to the Disney parks.

The main reason why Americans prefer this region is not so much the search for a residence (housing). The city is most sought after for real estate investments.

Kissimmee is home to part of the Disney parks and home to the best condominiums for vacation homes in Orlando (Vacation Homes). These are houses that allow the practice of renting per season and are an excellent business to obtain a high return in dollars. Understand better in the next topic.

Why is buying a vacation home one of the most profitable businesses in the world?

Many Brazilians have already realized what a great deal it is to buy a vacation home in Orlando. In this way, they can use the house on vacation (or any other period) and rent it out for the rest of the year, thus obtaining income in dollars.

The expected return on an Orlando vacation home is one of the highest in the world. In our real estate we have several clients who have already bought more than one house. Customers who are already in their third or fourth house are not uncommon. We still have cases of customers who are in the seventh house, and continue to buy.

This bulk purchase is possible due to real estate leverage. Homes can be purchased through bank financing in Florida, at low interest rates. The rental income itself covers the loan portion, which allows the business to leverage and continue buying new homes. Understand about real estate leverage in this article.

Winter Garden – Florida’s “American Dream”

The small community of Winter Garden preserves a small town atmosphere, typical of the interior of Florida, but with all the necessary infrastructure to live or have a second home. At the same time, it is close to downtown Orlando (20 minutes), theme parks and the main attractions of central Florida. In addition, the city is centuries old, rich in history. No wonder many Brazilians and international investors are buying houses in Winter Garden to live in, invest in or keep as a second home.

Unlike Kissimmee, Winter Garden is a residential zone. In this region there are almost no vacation home condominiums, precisely to protect residents from the intense flow of tourists.

Winter Garden, as well as several cities around Orlando, is chosen by Americans and foreigners mainly to settle down and live with a unique quality of life.

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