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For those of you who have already purchased or are thinking of buying a home in Orlando near Disney and earn income from vacation rentals, this article will give you some tips on how to decorate it inspired by Disney.

Orlando homes usually have a minimum rental return of 8% per year. When the house is well decorated and uses sensorial appeals from the place, it brings an important differential, which can take this return to more than 10% per year. An example is the home in Orlando that invested in sophisticated Star Wars decor and became famous on Airbnb (See stunning photos of the home with Star Wars decor by clicking here).

Rental management became easy and practical after the emergence of online platforms like Airbnb. And if the owner doesn’t want to do any work or even create the ad, no problem! There are management companies that do everything for the client, including making ads on Airbnb (and other similar platforms) up to attracting customers and collecting values. Just buy the property and hand it over to these companies. The landlord does not even need to speak to the tenant. You only receive the amounts in a designated account. Learn more about rental administration and management services on Airbnb.

It is also worth reading our article on decoration focused on Airbnb. There you will also find interesting tips for platform hosts who want to rent their properties in Orlando through the platform.

Why use Disney-inspired themes in your vacation home?

Whether for vacationing in Orlando or earning income with a vacation rental activity, it is interesting that you add to the decoration of the property items that refer to the lifestyle of the place. In the case of Orlando, there is no escape from the theme parks.

Items and accessories that refer to the region’s lifestyle help to get us into the local atmosphere. Your rental customer will also enjoy this magical Orlando vibe at home.

A tip for buying Disney accessories and items is at Disney stores in Orlando. In the article Disney Store in Orlando: Where to find we comment a little about Disney stores and where to find the main ones in Orlando.

Colors in Disney Home Decor

We know that Disney brings a magical color to everything it presents, from the characters to the sets. However, in your Disney-inspired decor you should be careful. The idea is to refer to Disney colors, but not to transform the house into a carnival atmosphere. A tip is to spread a few accessories that refer to the main characters in strategic places in the house. They should not stand out from the main decor of the room.

Remember that your Orlando home can be put up for seasonal rental. As much as you like color, your customer may not like it so much. So always choose the subtle instead of the extravagant.

Disney Room Decor - Colors in Disney decoration

A little corner with Disney decor

If on the one hand you must be careful not to overdo it, in some rooms you can let your imagination run wild. Specific places in the house such as a games room, playroom, a special corner or even in the children’s room you can abuse a little more. As they are separate environments they will not impact the decoration of the house as a whole and will give a special charm to the home.

Mickey Acessories and disney decor items
Mickey Acessories and disney decor items

Use the imagination

There are less colorful decorations and more aimed at teenagers and adults. Why not get inspired by the Harry Potter library to decorate your home office at your Disney home?

Disney decor inspired decor photos

Furniture and home accessories brand Ethan Allen has partnered with Disney to sell products of its characters. Visit the site and get inspired: Below are selected photos from the Ethan Allen website:

Investing in Homes in Orlando to earn income with Airbnb is one of the most sought after businesses by global investors. CAP International is a real estate agency specializing in Orlando and Miami. If you are interested in purchasing homes for sale in Orlando near Disney, get in touch and talk to one of our consultants.

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