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Disney stores are establishments that sell products licensed by Disney. Disney stores in Orlando are a real attraction apart. For you who enjoy Disney characters and themes, be sure to visit them. You will find, in addition to toys, items for your home (bed, table and bath), kitchen items, clothes, various accessories, among other Disney objects. Like the parks, the stores are magical! You can hardly leave without buying anything.

Disney Store Orlando at Disney Springs
Disney Store Orlando at Disney Springs

Decorate your Orlando home with accessories from the Disney Store

You who bought or are thinking of buying a house in Orlando near Disney, how about decorating some environments with Disney themes? Especially if you are thinking of earning income from vacation rentals, this tip is valuable. Houses with decorations that refer to Disney themes offer a different sensory appeal and are usually more sought after by tourists. Here’s the tip! In the article Disney-inspired decorations we explain the trend and advantages of this type of appeal.

Where to find Disney stores in Orlando

Disney Store Stores are located throughout Orlando. You’ll find them at Disney parks in Orlando, Disney complex hotels and shopping malls. The largest Disney Store is in Disney Springs and is called World of Disney. It’s really big and looks more like a department store with lots of accessories and toys from the characters.

Another very complete Disney store is at the Florida Mall.

Orlando International Airport also offers 2 Disney Stores. Take the opportunity to buy a pair of Mickey ears on your arrival from Brazil and get in the mood, or else find that little reminder in the last moments of your season before returning home.

Disney Store Orlando - Where to find

You will also find stores at the Premium Orlando outlets. In outlets you can find items considerably cheaper than in conventional Disney stores, but you will not always find everything you need.

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