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Your property has been listed for a long time and you don’t see results? Do you keep changing realtors all the time and still can’t sell? Perhaps the cause of not being successful in selling your listing is in the global presence of the realtors you are choosing.

Florida is a global hub and the public is not restricted to the US market. Global presence goes far beyond an international potential customer database. Nowadays, more than ever, the global presence resides your online power. If your realtor does not have a global presence, it may be better to find someone who does.

We have recently received a considerable number of listings that were unsuccessful with other realtors. In our analysis, the vast majority of these brokers or real estate agents had a poor or average presence on the internet. Most were restricted to having a website published and one or two profiles on social media. Online presence is much more than that. Unfortunately, many brokers and real estate agents in Florida have entered the online world in the past 3 or 4 years. And there are still a lot of brokers who are restricted to a static website.

In a pandemic scenario, where people avoid circulating or visiting properties, online presence has become essential for real estate transactions. If online demand before the pandemic was already high, it has now become mandatory. Almost everyone is doing online research to buy real estate. And the searches are not restricted to the properties themselves, but to related content, such as “which are the best neighborhoods”,”the best schools”, “what to do in Miami”, etc.. All of this needs to be clear and easily accessible on the website, social media profiles, free e-books, to name a few strategies. It is a constant production of online content that attracts the buyer and makes that potential customer part of our engaged audience.

In more than 12 years of intense online work and more than 20 years of experience in the Florida Real Estate Market, we are proud to present more than 1000 articles on our website, with tips on Florida and guidelines related to the local real estate market. Take a look at our E-books and understand why our online presence is great and people find us on the internet. This intense work could not bring any result other than sales success.

If you are a buyer you can get all the necessary guidance to make the best decision to choose the ideal property. If you are a seller and list with us, you will benefit from all this online and global exposure from our websites and marketing channels.

Why global presence is important

In addition to a strong national presence, your broker must also have a solid global presence. The state of Florida is a destination that attracts investors from all over the world.

People from other states in the United States and also from other countries, probably do not have a local realtor in Florida. The first action they will do is to search the internet for terms related to Real Estate in Florida. If your broker’s website is not found, how will these potential buyers have access to your listing?

Another example is Instagram! Many of these potential buyers follow different profiles of brokers or real estate agents in Florida to keep up with opportunities in the region. If your realtors’s profile has no expression on Instagram, it will not reach this audience. Consequently your listing will not reach this public, as well.

For this reason, more and more, your broker needs to have an expressive worldwide reach. And this is done over the internet.

AMG International Realty has several websites in different languages and partners in different countries.

Online presence is experience and years of work

A broker can even build a new website and open some profiles on major social networks. However, if he is starting now in the online world, he will have a great job ahead of him until he gets good results. Even if he invests thousands of dollars, he will never rank overnight in Google results. The marketing actions related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which place your site well ranked in the results of SERPs for certain search terms, take months or years to bring results.

Likewise, you won’t get a high number of followers on Instagram all of a sudden. Everything takes time and strategy. It takes a lot of work, consistency and creation of quality content for this to happen.

TIP: Check your broker’s online profiles. See how many followers he has. More than that, see if the posts have interaction (likes, comments).

Online presence and creativity

It is not enough to invest thousands of dollars in paid campaigns on the main channels. You have to be creative and stay tuned in the main online movements.
Facebook recently made changes to its ad tool, considerably limiting its targeting to certain sectors, including Real Estate. With that, the campaigns started to bring less qualified results. Many brokers simply stopped investing in Facebook or remained investing, but with very bad results. Has Facebook stopped being a good marketing tool? The answer is “NO”. It still remains one of the main channels for disseminating and attracting leads, however, with the change, campaigns must be re-planned. You need to be creative and work with Facebook with Inbound Marketing strategies, to filter the main leads.

This type of initiative and change of strategy is only possible if the broker or real estate agent already has a considerable online presence and long experience in digital marketing. It takes “intimacy” with the internet.

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