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Doral Florida is truly a hidden gem in South Florida. It has become a wonderful community where people can work, live, and play without having to leave the area. Although it previously had a reputation of being “a warehouse hub,” the city is beginning to shed that reputation. Right now, there are many new attractions in the area that have lured many of South Florida’s newcomers.

Doral Florida currently has public art exhibitions valued at $16 million. In addition, the city has $150 million park bond that will soon attribute to the Doral Cultural Arts Center downtown. The project will include gallery and exhibition spaces. In addition, this bond will also help further improve the city’s nine public parks. Doral’s Central Park will receive amenities including pools, a skate park, and more. In addition, many new restaurants are opening up in the area.

Doral Florida is said to be one of the fastest growing cities in the state. Not only does it have a very close proximity to the airport, but it also has a wonderful Downtown area. In addition, there are about 29,000 housing units in the city, and more than 7000 in the pipeline. Historically, Doral has been a popular area for buyers from Latin America. However, it has recently welcomed many newcomers from states like New York, Connecticut, and Illinois.

Even though the city is small in size, it has had a huge economic impact. In fact, the growth of the city’s total employment represented over 17% of new jobs created in the county from 2002 to 2014. In addition, from March 2020 to May 2021, the city registered 1,021 new businesses. The median price for homes in Doral is about $368,000. This went up significantly form the $275,000 median from five years ago.

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Doral Florida is going through a transformation
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