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Looking for a nice, new and different place to dine in Miami? Then you have to visit this Spanish Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of South Beach called Barceloneta. Watch this video and meet Jose Mendin and Juliana Gonzales. Juliana is chef at the Barceloneta Restaurant and Jose is the owner and chef at Pubbely Restaurant. Both restaurants together with Pubbelly Sushi belongs to the same group. Watch this video and be amazed how these two chefs prepare some tasty looking dishes you can find at their restaurants in Miami Beach. In the first part of the video Juliana Gonzales from Barceloneta explains and show how to prepare the famous Catalan typical plate Esqueixada:

Chef Juliana Gonzales preparing Esqueixada

Chef Juliana Gonzales preparing Esqueixada: this Catalan Ceviche is made of raw fish (preferably codfish), tomto, pearl onions and olives.

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