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The so-called “Space Coast” in Florida has been gaining prominence in the tourist world. The word “space” is justified by the fact that this is where NASA’s main rocket launch center, the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), is located. Only 1 hour away from the city of Orlando, KSC is one of the main tourist attractions for those who want to escape the marathon of parks and shopping in Orlando. But Space Coast goes far beyond visiting KSC. With more than 110 km of coastline, the entire region has been gaining prominence on the Florida map for several reasons. Find out in this article!

Rocket being launched from the Space Coast, or Space Coast, in Florida
Rocket being launched from the Space Coast, or Space Coast, in Florida – Image: Pixabay

The Space Coast and Elon Musk!

Space Coast made headlines in the media this past week, due to the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket by Elon Musk’s Space X company. The launch was held yesterday, Monday (9). The rocket carried 114 satellites on board, which are part of the Transporter-6 mission. Space X aims to launch 100 rockets in 2023, according to a twitter posted by Eric Berger, from the Ars Technica website, to which Elon Musk then responds, confirming the daring goal.

Elon Musk’s performance in the region is already a strong indicator of the heavy investments that the Space Coast is receiving. In addition to him, several businessmen, including the US government itself, carry out initiatives in the region, which generates millions of jobs and even creates a showcase for the tourism sector.

An example of the transformation the coast is going through was the historic launch of Artemis 1, NASA’s mission to send humans back to the moon, where it is estimated that more than 150,000 people invaded the region that weekend in August 2022, when there was the first attempt (the mission ended up being postponed 3 times). Most hotels sold out that weekend, with room rates 70% higher on average.

This appears to be the “new normal” on the Space Coast in Florida!

In addition to the attractions at the Kennedy Space Center, the region also offers cruises departing from Port Canaveral and beautiful, deserted beaches along a coastline of more than 110 km.

The region, which is considered a haven east of Orlando, is home to beautiful cities like Daytona Beach (also known as Orlando Beach), Cocoa, Satellite Beach, Titusville, Merritt Island, Palm Bay and Melbourne.

It is perfectly possible to stay in Orlando and make a day trip to the beautiful beaches and cities of the Space Coast. Click here to know the main beaches near Orlando

And all this is less than 1 (one) hour from Orlando!

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The Impact of Space Coast Growth on Orlando Real Estate

The growth of the Space Coast in Florida significantly impacts Orlando’s real estate sector, as more tourists and professionals would visit Florida in search of tourism in the region.

Orlando, being centrally located and close to the Space Coast, will be even more in demand, which will increase demand for properties in the region, especially those aimed at vacation rentals.

The city of Orlando already annually receives more than 75 million people every year. It’s easy to see why the region brings one of the highest expected returns for anyone looking to invest in Airbnb-oriented properties.

Watch the Falcon 9 launch in video recorded by a plane passenger

A plane streaked across the sky at the same time as a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off in Florida. And a passenger on board the aircraft took the opportunity to record the event; watch.

Why are rockets launched from the Space Coast?

An interesting curiosity explains why the Space Coast is the region chosen by NASA to launch its rockets.

The main reason has to do with the rotation of the earth!

The earth rotates from west to east and its greatest speed of rotation is at the equator. In this way, gaining this “boost” from the earth’s rotation speed, which adds to the rocket’s speed, is very important.

This is the main reason for the rocket to be launched in low latitude regions.

There are, of course, many other regions of the US even closer to the equator. However, these are more densely populated regions, which would bring a greater risk of exposure to debris that could eventually fall to the ground in the event of an unsuccessful launch.

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