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As the world begins to reopen, the tourism industry is coming up with ways to make traveling safe again. This weekend, Miami was home to a huge milestone. Royal Caribbean International set up a simulator cruise with 600 passengers. The cruise sails from Miami and is part of a test sail trip before operations pick up this summer.

The simulation involved volunteer passengers for a two day trip on the Freedom of the Seas cruise. The point of this was to asses the safety of cruise ships. Because of the pandemic, cruises did not sail for about 15 months. This is a huge milestone for the industry, as it is beginning to reopen. The simulation cruise sails from Miami and goes to CocoCay, a Bahamian island owned by Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean International said that when its ships start sailing officially, it will require vaccination. All passengers 16 years old and older must be vaccinated on its ships sailing from all U.S states. Florida is the only exception to the rule. For passengers sailing from Florida, the company will only recommend vaccination. However, testing will take place to ensure safety for all passengers.

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First Simulator Cruise Sails From Miami

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