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One of the most important indicators for analyzing a state’s economic strength is population growth. This indicator is directly related to employment and income growth. Florida continues to show signs that it will continue to grow consistently, above the country’s average. That is one of the main reasons to invest in Florida Real Estate.

Florida's population continues to grow fast

Sunshine State’s population grew 1.77% in 2019, compared to the previous year. Florida’s population is now 21,477,737 according to the last census. It is the third most-populous state in the US and keeps receiving more than 1000 people every day. This makes Florida the second fastest-growing state in population.

The good weather year round and the healthy economy, with strong job creation, makes Florida appealing to many new residents. Low unemployment rate is ideal for those looking to start families. The pandemic is also another important factor that is driving people from the northern states to the Sunshine State.

Projections estimates Florida will keep growing by 1,5% on average for the next ten years, compared to a national average annual growth by 0.66%.

Below are some numbers provided by

List of the top ten largest states by population

  • California: 39,512,223
  • Texas: 28,995,881
  • Florida: 21,477,737
  • New York: 19,453,561
  • Pennsylvania: 12,801,989
  • Illinois: 12,671,821
  • Ohio: 11,689,100
  • Georgia: 10,617,423
  • North Carolina: 10,488,084
  • Michigan: 9,986,857

Top ten states in numeric growth – 2018 to 2-19

  • Texas: 367,215
  • Florida: 233,420
  • Arizona: 120,693
  • North Carolina: 106,469
  • Georgia: 106,292
  • Washington: 91,024
  • Colorado: 67,449
  • South Carolina: 64,558
  • Tennessee: 57,543
  • Nevada: 52,815
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