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Florida topped the rankings among the US states most visited by foreigners in 2021. Data on visits by foreigners in 2021 were released by the National Travel and Tourism Office of the United States International Trade Administration (NTTO). The city of Miami was the most visited, followed by New York and Orlando.

The numbers are impressive not only because the “Sunshine Estate” took the first position, but because the second place in the ranking, the state of New York, has almost half of the visits. Florida is by far the most desired state for foreigners.

Florida is the most visited US state by foreigners

States most visited by foreigners in 2021

  • 1 – Florida: 4,092,000 visitors
  • 2 – New York: 2,099,000 visitors
  • 3 – California: 1,113,000 visitors
  • 4 – Texas: 621,000 visitors
  • 5 – New Jersey: 490,000 visitors

Cities most visited by foreigners

  • 1 – Miami: 2,759,000 visitors
  • 2 – New York: 2,032,000 visitors
  • 3 – Orlando: 1,223,000 visitors
  • 4 – Los Angeles: 708,000 visitors
  • 5 – Fort Lauderdale: 506,000 visitors

Opportunities in the real estate market

The very high demand for Florida is obviously reflected in the real estate market. Such a flow of tourists heats up the segment of properties aimed at Short-Term Rentals, since there is a need for accommodation in the region for all this public.

Vacation Homes in Orlando and Airbnb properties in Miami are increasingly falling in favor of tourists, to the detriment of the hotel options.

Investing in Airbnb-oriented real estate is today one of the best real estate investments in the world. Miami and Orlando, in this context, offer the best rates of return.

Want to invest in Florida?

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