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For the last couple of months, the real estate market in the Sunshine State has been hot. Right now, people from out of town are incredibly interested in Florida real estate. In a new analysis, it was found that the number of homebuyers moving to Miami tripled year-over-year. According to the report, last year in July,, around 2,216 people reported moving to Miami.This year, 7,610 people reported doing so.

There are many reasons why Miami has become so popular. A big reason is that remote work has allowed people to live wherever they want, and the Miami lifestyle is one that many people are after. Homebuyers from all over the country and world are interested in purchasing South Florida real estate. A lot of them are coming from Atlanta, New York, Columbia, Mexico City, and more.

During the pandemic, Florida was a state that remained relatively open. Therefore, a lot of people chose to move there in order to have more freedom during the lockdowns. According to the report, Tampa and Cape coral were also big zones for migration.

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Florida real estate remains target

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