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TM Latin America in conjunction with the Kennedy Space Center recently announced new developments for Central Florida. The highlights were the Peppa Pig’s new park, to open on February 24th, as well as new attractions at the NASA complex, the Kennedy Space Center and at Legoland Park.

The new attractions further project Central Florida onto the global stage as a destination that goes far beyond the city of Orlando. Smaller communities and cities around Orlando are gaining prominence, with tours and wealth culture, including history, that attract tourists from all over the world.

Tickets for the new Peppa Park are now on sale

The Peppa Pig Park will be located in Winter Haven, close to Legoland. The attractions will be geared towards children up to 5 years old, similar to the Legoland Park. Park tickets are now on sale on the official website.

What’s New in Legoland

Recent report on Panrotas portal revealed that Legoland also brings new attractions for 2022. The most talked about is the Pirate River Quest, an incredible experience for the little ones, who participate in an incredible adventure to recover the lost treasure. Another super novelty is that the park’s water park will no longer close during the winter, as the pools are now heated! What about?

Legoland Florida

Do you know the Kennedy Space Center?

How about taking a different tour on your next trip to Orlando?

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) or John F. Kennedy Space Center is located about 1 hour from Orlando, in the so-called Cape Canaveral, between the cities of Miami and Jacksonville. It is a very interesting and cultural tour, as it is part of a complex where the main rocket launching center of the American Space Agency is located.

The new highlight for 2002 is Planet Play, an area that projects you into the future for children aged 2 to 12 years. Like most attractions in the space complex, Planet Play offers an experience that is both fun and enriching, where the little ones learn by playing. Parents can watch their children in a specially designed reserved area that offers drinks and snacks.

Kennedy Space Center new attractions in Florida

Stay in holiday homes near the parks

One of the most amazing experiences when traveling to central Florida is staying in vacation homes, called Vacation Homes. They are large houses, within condominiums, close to parks and the city’s main attractions. The regions of Davenport and Kissimmee are the best known for tourists, with several condominiums geared towards this type of accommodation. In the article Rent a house or book a hotel? What is the best lodging in Orlando? we explain the main advantages of lodging in Vacation Homes near the parks instead of hotels.

The Davenport area offers condominiums close to Orlando and Winter Haven, allowing tourists to easily travel to both Disney and Legoland parks.

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