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Brazilian former player Ronaldinho Gaúcho would be interested in leaving Brazil and moving permanently to the United States. Apparently he wants to live in Sunny Isles Beach, north of Miami, and has started the search for a Green Card. Reported Terra

However, after the episode of false passports in Paraguay in 2020, where Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis were detained by Paraguayan police on the charge of having entered the country with false passports, the move had to be rescheduled.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother served almost six months of sentence in the country and paid a bond of approximately $ 200,000 to be able to return to Brazil. One of the main factors for Ronaldinho wanting to live in Miami is an apartment that is in his brother’s name. The luxury property, with four bedrooms and ocean views, is located in Sunny Isles Beach, one of the most upscale areas of Miami County. The apartment was purchased in 2013, and is valued at around $1 million.

To get a green card and live in Sunny Isles Beach, Ronaldinho Gaúcho will need to set up a company and invest in the United States, because he is not civilly married or related to someone born in the country.

Former soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho, wants to move to Sunny Isles Beach

About Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is an island next to Aventura and Bal Harbour. It is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Miami. Predominantly residential, Sunny Isles offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and is even known as the “Riviera of Florida”. The island was chosen by several developers to build luxury oceanfront condos. The most famous of these is the Porsche Design Tower, a branded tower with 51 rides that allows owners to park their cars inside the apartment, thanks to a state-of-the-art automotive elevator named Dezervator.

Like Porsche, the island will soon receive another Brand Residence Tower, the Bentley Tower. Bentley Residences in Sunny Isles Beach will also offer or offer Dezervator to their owners.

Other luxury condominiums in Sunny Isles are the Acqualina Three Towers (Acqualina Resort, Estates at Acqualina and Mansions at Acqualina), Ritz Carlton Residences, Regalia, Muse, Residences by Armani Casa, among others.

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