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I found this very interesting post on internet regarding a Brazilian tourist traveling to Florida and giving tips on what to do in the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale, for one day. The article below was translated from:

Fort Lauderdale – One Day Itinerary

Do you already know the charming city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States? No? So come with us.

We left Guarulhos airport, in São Paulo, Brazi, and flew from Avianca directly to Miami, Florida. There we took the car at Hertz and proceeded to Fort Lauderdale, a trip of about 45 km.

We arrived at our destination and made purchases at the market. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale by the Sea, with breakfast included in the rate. The hotel also provides a free shuttle to Fort Lauderdale city and city places.

We rested and took advantage of the hotel for the next day to stroll in Snyder Park, there it is possible to go hiking, play Disc Golf, a Butterfly garden, a place for dogs to swim – Swimming is only for dogs (Snyder beach is closed to the human swimming) is allowed only on the east side of the lake daily, except on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month in which the water is treated. – There are also picnic facilities right next to the lake.

The two lakes in Snyder Park also offer the chance to fish, the nature trails pass through the Tropical Hardwood Hammock ecosystem, native to the region. Parking during the week is free. On weekends, it costs $ 1 an hour or $ 5 a day.

Then we went to the Historic Center of Fort Lauderdale, which is an area of ​​parks, shopping malls, boat trips and a lot of history.

Riverwalk is in an area along the northern and southern shores of New River, in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The site is home to many of the city’s main attractions, such as the Museum of Discovery and Science, the Broward Center for Performing Arts and Old Fort Lauderdale. In the historic seaside region, there was the original settlement of Fort Lauderdale, and traces of the initial architecture still remain. Today, you will also find luxury yachts at the anchorage and along the river.

We took the free boat – The Riverwalk Water Trolley – that the city offers to make the tour through the New River, a tip here is that the boat is also used as public transport for workers in the area, so it can be crowded if you change shifts. There are eight different points along the south and north banks of the river.

Riverwalk is in the city center and is part of the bus route. In addition, there are parking lots nearby, in case you decide to go by car. Just pay attention to what the signs say when parking, because we got a ticket in a paid parking lot because we were in a place for tall cars.

Then we went to the beach, even with the cold wind we took advantage. There were several souvenir shops there and we decided to watch the sunset on a pier that we paid 2 dollars per person (the little one didn’t pay) and it has to be in cash. If you forget your money, there’s an ATM right next to the guy who keeps charging.

We recommend going to this pier and it has an amazing restaurant to enjoy in the late afternoon. We decided to have dinner at the new Hard Rock Seminole Guitar Hotel, so we went back to the hotel to change clothes. There is a post talking about him and we have a video on the channel!

I hope you enjoyed our one-day Fort Lauderdale tour. Until next time!

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