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A recent study showed that Wynwood is no longer the epicenter of trendy. In fact, Fort Lauderdale was named the top trendy spot in South Florida. The fun South Florida city was named #4 on the “Best Cities for Hipsters” list.

To figure out the most trendy cities, Lawnstarter examined many factors. Some include access to thrift stores, markets, record stores, etc. The #1 hipster city on the report was San Francisco. As for Wynwood, the fun neighborhood did not even rank on the top ten.

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Right now, Fort Lauderdale is truly having a moment. The city offers an international airport, cruise lines, miles of beachfront, and much more. In addition, it is very lively and has less traffic and noise than Miami. Furthermore, the quality of life in the area is fantastic for people moving to Florida who are looking for more peace and tranquility. Fort Lauderdale offers a very relaxed and laid back environment while still providing its residents with culture and excitement.

Fort Lauderdale

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