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Genuine Pizza is one of the most traditional pizzerias in Miami and has a unit at Aventura Mall, the largest and most complete mall in this region.

As one of her differentials in relation to the large chains of pizzerias and restaurants in Aventura, she states that she invests in a careful process of selecting each of the ingredients, and offers, in addition to pizzas, other types of dishes and snacks.

Genuine Pizza - Margherita

Another important differential is that she does not have a pizza maker: she has a chef. And not just anyone: Michael Schwartz, one of the top faces in the Florida restaurant industry, is a leading celebrity in the kitchen.

In addition to Genuine Pizza, in Aventura, he owns The Genuine Hospitality Group and, in 2007, created Michael’s Genuine Food & amp; Drink, when it started to stand out in the middle of gastronomy. From then on, he started to expand his business and, after years of experience, came to & nbsp; & nbsp; Genuine Pizza, which is considered his masterpiece.

Short Rib Pizza
Short Rib Pizza

According to the house, the menu changes periodically, according to what is typical in the season, since the main concern is always to offer all fresh ingredients, & nbsp; valuing local items and more sustainable methods of production.

This, however, does not change the fact that, at any time of the year, they serve the most diverse combinations of & nbsp; incredible flavors to present unique pizzas and dishes that conquer & nbsp; since the presentation.

Pesto Pizza
Pesto Pizza

Of course, Genuine Pizza also offers classic pizzas, such as marguerita or mushrooms, but some of the main items on the menu stand out for their combination of ingredients.

An example of these more innovative combinations is the case of the pork rib pizza accompanied by caramelized onion, arugula and gruyère cheese, & nbsp; or the shrimp accompanied by roasted lemon, chives and cilantro, & nbsp; one of the most requested this season, the so-called BLT, which is made up of bacon, onions, italic cheese, sweet and spicy tomato sauce and arugula.

Address & Website – Genuine Pizza

Address: 19565 Biscayne Blvd, Unit 956, Aventura, FL 33180

Phone: (786) 472-9170


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