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Must read interview with one of the biggest developers in Florida (Gil Dezer), released by the Commercial Observer. It’s worth reading until the end, as Dezer doesn’t just comment on his success in creating partnerships to build towers associated with big brands (Porsche, Armani, Bentley and Trump). He also brings his impressions of the luxury segment of Miami’s real estate market and the influence of closed borders in this sector.

Gil Dezer is passionate about luxury cars and has, together with his father, one of the largest collections in the world, with more than 1000 copies. Hence the motivation to develop the Porsche Design residential building (already delivered) and its newest luxury venture Bentley Residences.

Originally from Queens and raised in New Jersey, Dezer started buying property in Sunny Isles Beach in the 1990s, when the island was a seedy no man’s land and no one could have guessed it would become the coveted destination of today’s class of Gatsbys.

Dezer first licensed the Trump brand in the early aughts, when, as an unknown developer, he was having trouble selling the condos he’d built. The Trump brand, then at its ‘Apprentice’-fueled height, changed everything for Dezer, who quickly understood the power of branding and leaned into it.

Commercial Observer sat down with Dezer late last month (over Zoom) to hear more about how he got his start in the business, his plans for the Bentley tower, and his favorite car.

Commercial Observer: What is your favorite car right now?

Dezer: I thought you were going to ask me what my favorite building is

Business Observer: Good question. Which one is your favorite?

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