In concert with Miami-Dade County’s just-implemented nightly curfew and its mandatory face mask law, the lyrics to Gloria Estefan’s just-released COVID-19 musical public service message, “Put on Your Mask,” will illuminate the city’s skyline during its official 10 p.m. Stars & Stripes Curfew Tower Lighting at the new 700-foot, $600-million Paramount Miami Worldcenter in downtown Miami. Reporte

“The futuristic Paramount superstructure – the sixth-tallest building south of New York — will glow nightly with the nation’s largest LED lyrics and electronic American Flag display,” says Paramount Miami Worldcenter CEO-Developer Daniel Kodsi. “It is the official curfew signal to all businesses, reminding them to close and to all citizens to remain home.”

Paramount, which is equipped with the world’s most-advanced L.E.D. animation system, is the soaring signature skyscraper of the $4-billion, 27-acre Miami Worldcenter.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter is currently America’s largest construction project, the nation’s second-largest real estate development, and the city’s new retail, restaurant, entertainment, hospitality and transportation complex.

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Gloria Estefan Debuts “Put on Your Mask” at Paramount Miami Worldcenter Curfew Tower Lighting
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