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Golf enthusiasts should know that the city of Orlando, in Florida, is not only the world capital of theme parks, but also of golf courses in the USA. After all, there are almost 200 places within the city limits exclusively for the sport, more than 20 gyms for any golf enthusiast to fault and several tournaments throughout the year. Many of the courses in Orlando where designed by important names in the sport.

In 2010, Orlando was voted “North American golf destination of the year” by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. It is no suprise that more and more golf professional players choose the city to live in, rather than any other place in the U.S.. Orlando is an incredible city with many options for leisure, sports and tours that go far beyond the parks. Playing golf in style is one of them! Find one of the amazing golf courses near Orlando to practice during your vacation.

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In this article, we talk about Orlando’s tradition in golfing and present you a list the 5 top golf courses in orlando florida. Check it out below!

Best golf courses in Orlando Florida

Golf courses in Orlando Florida

For those interested in practicing golf in Orlando, see below the 5 main Orlando golf courses:

  • Disney Osprey Ridge
  • Orange County National
  • Disney Magnolia
  • Disney’s Lake Buena Vista
  • Celebration Golf Club

Disney Osprey Ridge – Golf Courses Orlando FL

The Disney Osprey Ridge golf course has about 18 holes with several obstacles, as well as holes in the water. No wonder, it is considered one of Disney’s most difficult camps.

The entire area is the work of the architect Tom Fazio, and has an excellent infrastructure. In addition to the coup field, it is possible to take a good walk with the family, contemplating the beautiful green space.

To move between the spaces of the golf course, it is possible to use the carts, which have a GPS system that presents realistic images on the screen. In this way, people are able to move around and locate themselves with total security.

There is also the possibility of accommodating at the Disney Osprey Ridge facilities. The place received 4 stars by the sports magazine Golf Digest.

Orange County National – Orlando area golf courses

Orange County National - Orlando area golf courses

This golf course is considered one of the best in Orlando. It also has 18 holes, and features challenging terrain and lakes. The look of the region is spectacular.

Whatever the purpose of your Orlando golf vacation – 36 holes a day, first class instruction, break times or memories of sharing good times with friends, it can be achieved at OCN.

Orange County National is not only recognized for golf, but also for the comfort and practicality offered to customers. Around the facility, you can find good restaurants and convenience stores.

It is also possible to stay and still participate in courses and tournaments promoted by the space. & nbsp; It is a great chance to learn & nbsp; improve your techniques in an excellent location!

Learn more about Orange County National:

Disney Magnolia

Top Golf Courses in Orlando

Conceived by Joe Lee, this golf course got its name from the vast amount of magnolia flowers that scent the region.

It is considered the largest golf course at the Walt Disney World Resort, with many obstacles involving water and an enviable setting. In addition, it is here that the final rounds of the PGA Tour FUNAI Classic take place annually.

After the & nbsp; major renovation carried out in 2015 on this golf course, in which repairs were made to the trees and improvements to the trolley path, the & nbsp; visitor experience in the region became even more unforgettable.

Disney Magnolia also scores 4 in the specialized magazine & nbsp; Golf Digest.

Learn more about Disney Magnolia on the official website: / disneys-magnolia-golf-course

Disney Lake Buena Vista

Disney Lake Buena Vista Golf Course Orlando Florida
Walt Disney World Golf

O Disney’s Lake Buena Vista está entre os 20 melhores campos de golfe em Orlando. O extenso gramado, muitas flores e obstáculos fizeram com que o ambiente se tornasse desafiador para os jogadores.

Este campo é rodeado por uma bela vila construída em tons pastéis, além de uma grande quantidade de palmeiras, pinheiros e lagos. Portanto, além de uma inesquecível experiência no golfe, os jogadores e seus familiares podem descansar e se divertir em passeios de barco.

Gramados planos e muitas plantas te esperam nesse campo de golfe. A cada buraco, os jogadores se desafiam a vencer os vários obstáculos, que tornam o jogo ainda mais interessante.

O golfe Disney’s Lake Buena Vista também foi desenhado por Joe Lee e é classificado com 4 estrelas pela revista Golf Digest.

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Celebration Golf Club – Orlando Golf Courses

Built in a quiet area of ​​Orlando, the Celebration Golf Club was also built with 18 holes. The course has holes in the water & nbsp; and a challenging space for athletes.

For the fun of children, there is also a mini golf course. With that, the whole family can have fun!

In addition to the main entertainment, the space also has a sophisticated club and a restaurant with musical programming.

Learn more about the Celebration Golf Club:

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