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Coconut Grove forever beckons the creative pioneer. Its sleepy hollows and waterside charm have attracted notable pioneers of innovation, adventure, romance and storytelling since the turn of the nineteenth century. Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost and Alexander Graham Bell, once upon a time, called Coconut Grove home. Sophisticated northern visitors seeking tropical respite often stayed and became permanent residents, fearlessly embarking on this undeveloped gem and marking The Grove with a unique ambience that prevails to this day.

Coconut Grove

In 1916, horticultural explorer Dr. David Grandison Fairchild purchased a nine acre waterside property and named it The Kampong. Dr. Fairchild is credited for introducing more than 30,000 botanical species to North America. He transformed The Kampong into a magical garden filled with a myriad of horticultural souvenirs: plants, seedlings and trees that he collected on his frequent global expeditions. Since then, The Kampong’s unusually spectacular gardens have been carefully preserved and, as a member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, it is considered one of the five most important gardens in America. Today, Dr. Fairchild’s passion for tropical splendor endures within the heart of Coconut Grove’s eight square mile radius. Its 20,000 residents are a diverse mix of curious intellectuals, artists, innovators and nature enthusiasts who seek an elevated quality of living through quiet, understated luxury surrounded in a bounty of natural beauty.

The Fairchild Luxury Condo

Where boats drift along the bay’s calm warm waters and paths meander through lush, fragrant Kampong-inspired gardens, The Fairchild is designed to please the senses. Direct water access is yours from the moment you awake. Launch your paddleboard for a bay cruise at dawn. Whisk your boat out of your private boat slip for a day on the ocean. Within minutes by car, travel south to be charmed by downtown Grove, or north, to engage in the bustle of Brickell and Downtown Miami’s world-class myriad of cultural pursuits and offerings. The Fairchild is your private waterfront retreat, a place to live life as boundlessly as its expansive water views.

Botanical Splendor

Botanical Splendor - Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove’s flora and fauna define The Fairchild experience with hundreds of years of growth and natural splendor. Resurrection ferns tangled around age-old Live Oaks await summer’s rain showers to bring them back to life. Fiery red Royal Poinciana canopies dapple sunlight onto the feathers of neighborhood peacocks proudly marching along Grove streets and whimsically stopping traffic with abandon. Banyan tree roots as wide as houses become memorable street markers while the sweet scents of night-blooming jasmine pervade the warm night air that encircles The Grove. The Fairchild incorporates plants that cascade down the building and vines that creep up stone walls. The Kampong-inspired landscape, with towering palms, flowering trees and sun-loving and salt-tolerant plants is interwoven throughout The Fairchild, deepening the connection to its botanical history and context of its location.

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