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Hallandale, or Hallandale Beach, is a region in Miami that has been gaining prominence in the city. Privilegedly located between elegant Sunny isles Beach and the Hollywood district, the region offers great options for condos and real estate in Miami. Hallandale has great beaches and several attractions for residents and tourists. In recent years, Hallandale has been receiving several renovation and construction projects.

Hallandale Beach Miami Florida

For this reason, it currently has several high-end condominiums and is a popular place for tourists and investors. To learn more about this region, continue reading our post. Next, we’ll explain more about Hallandale and list some of the neighborhood’s attractions. Check out!

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About Hallandale

Hallandale Beach, which belongs to Broward County, is a very well located neighborhood. The area is close to other interesting neighborhoods, such as Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach and Hollywood. Hallandale is also a very convenient place for tourists, as it is close to Miami International Airport.

The neighborhood has approximately 40,000 inhabitants and is one of the fastest growing regions in Broward County. It has several restaurants, cafes and parks where residents can relax, have fun and enjoy the moment.

Hallandale is a quiet and safe area with a low level of crime. For this reason, the neighborhood brings together different profiles of residents, from young professionals, families to retirees. With the construction and renovation projects in the neighborhood, the number of people looking for this place to live has increased, as have high-end condominiums.

Things to do in Hallandale

1. Hallandale Beach

The beach that bears the name of the neighborhood attracts a lot of people throughout the year for its beauty. Hallandale Beach is clean, has fine white sand and a sea of ​​clear, warm waters.

The sea at Hallandale is still calm, meaning it is a great beach to go with the kids. Hallandale Beach is quiet, has some kiosks with food and drinks, showers for visitors to wash after the tour, bathroom and parking.

In addition, chairs and umbrellas can be rented on site. In the region of the beach the visitor still finds restaurants, shops and malls, that is, there is a great structure to receive tourists. Hallandale Beach is the perfect place for those who want to rest with the family on a less busy beach, but do not give up a good structure.

2. Gulfstream Park and Casino

O Gulfstream Park and Casino é, com certeza, uma das principais atrações de Hallandale Beach, porque ele é um complexo que oferece diversão para toda a família. Ele tem várias lojas, ótimos restaurantes, um casino, pista de boliche, mesas de bilhar, videogames e até uma pista de corrida para cavalos, onde acontecem algumas das provas mais importantes dos Estados Unidos.

Se você nunca viu uma corrida de cavalos, essa pode ser a sua oportunidade de viver essa experiência incrível! Além disso, no Gulfstream também são realizados eventos durante o ano todo, sendo que alguns são feitos especialmente para as crianças. É possível levar os pequenos a uma sessão de cinema ar livre, por exemplo, ou em um karaokê.

O complexo tem atividades para todos os tipos de clima, mas é uma boa ideia visitá-lo nos dias de chuva ou de muito sol, já que a família toda pode se divertir visitando as lojas ou jogando boliche e videogames em um local coberto.

3. BF James Park

O BF James Park é ideal para as pessoas que gostam de praticar atividades físicas ou estão viajando com crianças. O parque oferece duas quadras de basquete, trilha ao ar livre para a prática de exercícios, playground para os pequenos e uma piscina. A temperatura da água da piscina é controlada e, durante o ano, o parque realiza vários programas aquáticos e atividades com as crianças nessa atração.

É permitida a entrada de residentes e turistas no parque, entretanto, o valor do ingresso é diferente. Então, é preciso ficar atento na hora de comprar a entrada. Se o visitante não quiser praticar exercícios físicos ou não estiver com crianças, ele também pode conhecer o BF James Park para dar uma volta nas áreas externas do parque e aproveitar o dia.

4. Oleta River State Park

This park is in North Miami, very close to Hallandale Beach. Oleta River State Park contains such extensive green space that it is considered the largest urban park in Florida. People who live or visit the region go to Oleta mainly to rest, get close to nature, have picnics and play sports.

Inside the park there are trails for walking, cycling, fishing, a preserved mangrove forest, a beach and even a river where visitors can go kayaking or canoeing. Options for fun and relaxation at Oleta River State Park abound!

5. Aventura Mall (near Hallandale)

Hallandale Beach also has great options for shopping. Aventura Mall is in the Aventura neighborhood, but it is very close to Hallandale and is worth going there for the variety of shops and restaurants it offers.

Aventura Mall is the largest mall in Florida and the second largest in the United States. It has 3 floors and has more than 300 stores, among which are some well known, such as Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vitton, Burberry and Apple Store. Despite having stores with more expensive products, it also has department stores with more affordable prices.

Those who go with children do not have to worry about walking all day with them in the mall, because it has an area with toys especially for the little ones to have fun while the adults check out the nearby stores.

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, it can be interesting to go to Aventura Mall to see the second largest mall in the United States and to stroll.

These are some of the main attractions of Hallandale Beach, which delight tourists and residents of the region. This is a growing area and the trend is that it will be increasingly valued.

With a great location, its residents are able to take advantage of local attractions, as well as move easily to other areas of Miami, such as North Miami, Aventura, Hollywood and other cities such as Fort Lauderdale.

If you want to know more data and curiosities about the Hallandale Beach region or other areas of Miami, contact us!

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