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For those visiting Orlando and looking for other tour options besides parks, know that there are also some very interesting ones, such as the helicopter tour that flies over the city, and allows tourists to see the main sights of Orlando from above.

Helicopter Tour Orlando

Orlando Heli-Tours, is a well known company, with points in Kissimmee and Orlando. The flights offered vary between 5 min and 25 min in duration, passing through the main hotels and theme parks, such as, for example, SeaWorld.

The company has all the necessary authorizations and certificates that prove the safety of the flights offered. Orlando Heli-Tours works with 2 types of helicopters, one that fits up to 3 passengers (more luxurious, with comfortable leather seats), and the other larger, for 4 people. Before the tour begins, an employee passes all necessary instructions and also checks that all passengers have the required safety equipment (headphones and seat belts).

The values ​​vary between US $ 27 to US $ 155, depending on the flight time. The duration of 8 and 9 minutes costs an average of US $ 50. Thus, it is possible to take a fantastic scenic drive through Orlando without spending a lot. See the tour options on the Orlando Heli-Tours website.

It is not necessary to pre-book the tour through the website, only if the passenger asks or has other commitments on the day, since the company starts operations at 9 am and ends in the late afternoon.

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