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Hialeah real estate is getting some action. In fact, some new low-rise apartments and a charter school are planned next to the Hialeah Park racetrack and casino. These projects are part of the first phase of a long-term development in the 200-acre property.

The charter school has been given a conditional permit that will allow children from Kindergarden to 12th grade to attend. Furthermore, the school will allow a maximum of 2,950 students. In addition to the charter school, the first phase of the project also includes 343 apartments.

The residential project will consist of 343 rental units. These will come in a cluster of two-story townhouses and three-story apartment buildings. This part of the development will have 702 parking spaces, and an impressive 4,100 square foot recreational clubhouse.

Hialeah Park is a great development in the area. Besides having popular horse racing and casino operations, the property also allows permitted uses of things like hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. The new apartment buildings and charter school in the area will be a great addition to the area.

Right now, Hialeah real estate is in really good shape. In fact, Hialeah and Miami Lakes have a 98.1% occupancy rate. This is the highest amongst 22 submarkets.

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Hialeah real estate project in the pipeline

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