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That buying real estate is a great protection against inflation everyone knows. What few people realize is another great advantage to be taken advantage of in Florida today: interest rates remain fixed (… and low) for the longest period of the loan. In other words, the property acquired is defined being corrected by real market inflation (which is quite different determined by official indicators) and the Financing costs keep fixed .

The investor, in addition to noticing a gain in property valuation (about 8% per year in Florida – last year’s double digits), protected by introducing an leveraged operation (the disbursement was only the entry of 20% to 30% of the property’s value, and the perceived appreciation is over the TOTAL VALUE of the property).

High inflation creates opportunity to invest by leveraging with fixed interest rates

Orlando vacation homes bring another advantage to the investor: Vacation rental income. Buying Orlando Vacation Homes is now one of the best real estate investments in the world, with high expected return on rent.

Market contracts will adjust to contemplate inflation

This fixed interest situation will not last for long, as us USA inflation is worrying . It is natural for the financial market to adjust financing contracts to include inflation.

In addition, US interest rates are at their lowest historical level since 1970 (about 3.8% pa for Brazilians). The trend is for the US benchmark interest rate to rise in the short / medium term.

Interested in taking advantage of the moment and investing in Orlando?

CAP International is a global real estate company specialized in Florida and aimed at the Brazilian public. If you would like to learn more about the Orlando investment opportunities and how partial US low prices to finance the purchase of a property in Florida, please contact us contact me right now and chat with me on WhatsApp: +55 11 98111-2555 (Carlos Barros).

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