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Hobie Beach is a small bay beach located just off the Rickenbacker Causeway before entering Key Biscayne Island. The place is often referred as Key Biscayne Dog Beach, Doggie Beach or Windsurfer Beach, since it is very popular among windsurfers and also one of the few beaches in Miami where dogs are allowed. The privileged location, between Brickell, Downtown and Key Biscayne provides amazing views of Miami skyline.

Key Biscayne Dog Beach

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The Doggie Beach

Let your dog play and run around in Hobie Beach. Because of its shallow water it is a safe and fun place to spend time with your loved pet. Don’t forget to bring some fresh water for your dog! The salt water and strong sun make them very thirsty.

Watch this video of a dog swimming to have and idea.

Doggie Beach

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Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash.

The Windsurfer Beach

The place is also called Windsurfer Beach, as it is considered the best place for windsurfing in Miami. Visitors can take windsurfing lessons and learn a little about this exciting activity. Watch this video about windsurfing in the beach.

Windsurfing at Hobie Beach Key Biscayne

Windsurfing at Hobie Beach Key Biscayne – Photo Source:

Parking at Hobie Beach

Free beachside parking

Hobie Beach

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